Friday, November 28, 2014

Session 11 Summary – 11/14/2014

Events Summary: Our relentless party has fought their way through the meandering Wave Echo Cave. They have felled ghouls, large ooze creatures, and many of the especially fearsome and deadly stirges! Now, they have reached what they believe to be the room that houses their long-sought nemesis, the Black Spider. A sense of apprehension is in the air. This could be a victory sung down through the ages . . . or . . . the birth of tragedy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Session 09 Summary – 10/24/2014

Events Summary: Before they venture out again, the party helps the people of Phandolin rebuild for a bit. They then seek a banshee named Agatha, near Old Owlwell, who they hope will disclose the location of Wave Echo Cave. Upon locating Agatha, our adventurers eloquently appeal to her pride and are rewarded with the information they had hoped to acquire. 

Being in close proximity to Old Owlwell, the group decides to explore the area more thoroughly. They find a tower, zombies, and a necromancer, Hamun Cost, who appears to be a Red Wizard of Thay. He tells the party that he has been harassed by local hobgoblins, and would be willing to offer a reward in exchange for their elimination. 

The party then journeys North where they locate a hobgoblin cave. They do indeed find many a hobgoblin to kill, but also a large ogre! Thankfully, the ogre proved to be no match for our heroes. With the hobgoblin threat dealt with, they must decide if they should return to the Red Wizard or press on toward the much anticipated Wave Echo Cave.