Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode IV - One Wedding and a Few Resurrections

Much was accomplished by our party in the few weeks after arriving at Scornubel. They resurrected their fallen friends - Bardu, Mullyn and Nulara. It will be noted that Mullyn came back somewhat . . . um . . . lacking. In any event, the gnome kept muttering something about his mission, a great cog in the sky, and how his path would cross the party again in the future. Though he would go his own way, he requested that the party retrieve from the Mere of Dead Men the strange astrological device they had once seen there. It was key to the success of their quest against the cult. He was certain of it.

Bardu and Lucien also exclaimed they that must part ways with the group in a hunt for the Great Deceiver. So, after saying their 'goodbyes', the remaining group hired on dozens of fighters and workers to defend and maintain their floating fortress. In fact, they even installed a casino!

In the days that followed, Leosin and Onthar- to whom the party had sent word - met them in Scornubel where they discussed the next steps of their plan against the cult. They would take their fight to the Mere of Dead Men - where last they had seen a black dragon, Voaraghamanthar. Kaelthiros subsequently sent word to his Elven kin and to the gold dragon, Tarlacoal, to alert them of the cult's plan and request their aid.

Before making their final preparations, Dain is reunited with a long lost love who informs him that he is to be a father! A wedding is to be held the next day!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode III - The Vampire Queen

It was inside the top of the cracked tower that the party engaged the last of the castle's threats - a vampire queen and two of her minions. The battle was hard-fought, but with teamwork and the use of some new-found abilities, our adventurers were able to best their foes.

Following the skirmish, Lucien escorted the group to Escalarta, who wanted to verify that everyone was loyal to her and her goal of eradicating the cultists. All present voiced their agreement. Satisfied, Escalarta propelled the castle onward through the sky. Soon, it seemed, the city of Scornubel would be within sight.