Monday, December 7, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode IX - The Book Thief

Ah, where to begin? Well, do you remember that magical book that turned Oloril into a crocodile? As it turns out, Kaelthiros was quite intrigued by the tome. You see, Kaelthiros was resurrected upon arrival in Waterdeep. Oloril's restoration to dwarven form, however, was taking quite a bit longer. It was during this time that Kaelthiros' curiosity got the better of him. Warned by Murray that the codex may have the same negative effects on the elf as it did on Oloril, the ranger nevertheless carefully read through it's pages. Almost at once, Kaelthiros felt more agile and dexterous! Unfortunately for Oloril, Murray soon discoved that the benefits this book could only be imparted every 100 years. Well, at least dwarves have long life spans!

Now, it goes without saying that Oliril, once fully restored, was decidedly infuriated by Kaelthiros' actions. Of course, the dwarf would have likely given the book to the elf eventually; but to read through it uninvited was simply inexcusable! Attempts at reconciliation were made by our eager little reader, but it was quite some time before he was (mostly) forgiven.

During the time Oloril was distancing himself from the sticky-fingered elf, Kaelthiros relayed to Dain a most unusal dream that came to him while in the realm of the dead. The dream told of The Lost Mines of Phandelver, open and unobstructed. In fact, it was none other than the voice of Gundren that beckoned him back to the locale in this pre-resurrection vision. Something for the party to keep in mind.

Meanwhile, Oloril grew impatient to meet his father in Neverwinter. After making much ado, the dwarf convinced the party to head for Neverwinter. However, Oloril's father was not there to greet them when they arrived. The would have to wait for him to return to the city. So, whilst waiting, and after some Oloril-ordained partying, Kaelthiros inquired after any news concerning the Mines of Phandelver. He soon discovered that a gentleman by the name Yennon Thorton had purchased land near the mines. Thorton! That was the last name of Hollia - the ranger's former mentor, Zhentarim agent, and leader of the Brown Cloaks! How intriguing!

Finally, Oloril's father returned, and a grand party was held! The renowned dwarf was formally introduced to the party, and began to sing the praises of his son. It was a grand night! After the festivities began to wind down, the party made mention of the recent infiltration of Dain's home. You see, days prior, a group of ruffians, sent by Lord Diamond and Silvergleaming to kill Dain and Oloril, entered Dain's home with murder in their hearts. Furthermore, when the intrusion occured, only Dain's wife was at home. Fortunately, Dain's wife is an unmistakably terrifying combatant, and was able to immobilize and bind all five intruders. . . while she was pregnant. Be afraid!

Through some scrying directed by Oloril's father, it was quickly determined that those who sought the life of the two dwarves dwelt in a mansion located in the reagion of Iriaebor. But, what will the party do next? Destroy the threat in Iriaebor? Take vengeance upon Favrik and his camp? Or, perhaps, something more unpredictable? We shall soon see . . .

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode VIII - Poor Oloril

Yes, Oloril is now a crocodile. How did this happen? Well, the party, sans Kaelthiros, re-entered V's lair to pillage and plunder to their hearts' content. In the process the encountered V's twin (whom they killed), treasure chests (which they retrieved), and, oh yes, a magical book . . . that Oloril touched. And what was his reward for doing so? Correct! He turned into a crocodile! A crocodile who's mind is now nothing more than a brutish consciousness.

Let's evaluate the current status of the party:

Kaelthiros - Dead
Oloril - A Crocodile
Stumpy, er, Dain - Minus a Hand
Murry - Um, somehow just fine . . .

Time to head to the nearest town to recuperate!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode VII - How The Mighty Have Fallen

A great victory must also be followed by a great undoing. Or, so it seems. You see, the party decided to go and search V's lair to see what loot may have been left behind. When they arrived there, they parked the castle about a quarter of a mile out from the lair's entrance. The marshy ground below was covered in a thick fog.  No problem, Kaelthiros thought, Dain and I can scout ahead moving stealthily through the dense haze. After all, I am a master of stealth. What an idea! An awful idea! The grinch elf got a wonderful, AWFUL idea!

Well, so the tragedy began to unfold. There, Dain and Kaelthiros crept, moving towards the mouth of the former dragon's lair. And then it happened. No more than 400 yards ahead of the party, the pair - isolated from any assistance - encountered several lizard men. Oh yes, some of which were shaman that could summon several crocodiles at a time. And let's not forget the two giant lizard creatures and the big black lizard man! Needless to say, the were very quickly outnumbered.

Their screams were unheard by their distant companions - and there was no way to win the battle against such a great horde. At that moment, Kaelthiros knew he could run. He alone could make it back to the party. There was no hope for Dain. But, what happened then? Well, in the Mere of Dead men they say, the Wood Elf's small heart grew three sizes that day. The ranger ran towards the combat - knowing it would be his demise. He would not allow Dain to die alone.

Furiously, and frantically, he fought, firing arrows into the flesh of the foes that surrounded Dain. But, it was to no avail. For only moments later, Kaelthiros would fall to the ground - the life slipping from his body. It was then that he remembered Mullyn's recent telepathic message: "Kaelthiros, before death descends on you, let our companions know that the restored Farseer may be delivered to me in Candlekeep. Goodbye, my friend." With that last fleeting thought, death made it's final descent. Kaelthiros was dead.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode VI - Voaraghamanthar's Demise

After arriving at the Roadhouse, our heroes find their former acquaintence, Boglock. He was at first quite reluctant to divulge any information; however, after some "mild persuasion" he readily declared what he knew of the cults plans. They were headed to the North under the leadership of none other than Favrik! Now, as Baglock was discovered to be in cahoots with the cultists, he was taken to Castelino for a public execution. Such is the fate of any who betray our heroes!

The old Bollywug fortress was their next target. The Farseer needed to be retrieved and taken to Mullyn in Candlekeep. Upon arrival, the Farseeer was immediately located. Of course, whilst working on its retrieval, our group suffered several taunting attacks from the black dragon, Voaraghamanthar.

Much loss was suffered, but finally our adventurers were able to engage the dark menace in direct combat. The much-dreaded moment was upon them. Voaraghamanthar had come to recover Sunder - and to end the life of the one who stole it! Thankfully, things did not go nearly as poorly as they could have. Before you could say "Voaraghamanthar," (trust me, it takes a while to say - especially for certain DM's) the foul beast was dead. His corpse lie lifeless, pierced by arrows, full of gashes, and shredded by his own Sunder.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode V - Dwarven Bachelor Party

The golems were fixed and some new spells purchased, so what time was it? Time for the Dwarven bachelor party of course! So much to say about that - or rather so much better left unsaid. Thankfully, the first rule of DBP is that you do not talk about DBP. So moving on . .

Dain's wedding was amazing - an appearance by the king of Mithril Hall, an incredibly powerful lightning javelin gifted by Oloril's father, and - oh yes - acid in all the drinks! The culprit (hired by Lord Diamond) was soon found, hung upside down as nothing more than a pinata, and promptly beat to death as a wedding game. *shrugs* Dwarven weddings, what can you really say?

The wedding festivities done, more trouble arises. A hired mercenary has killed two fellow soldiers on Castelino! Although he accused them of stealing his money, the dead pair was not at fault. The money was found in another soldier's room - who of course denied taking it. And so the plot thickens . . yet again. Now, to find the Black Dragon . . . or be found by him . . .

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode IV - One Wedding and a Few Resurrections

Much was accomplished by our party in the few weeks after arriving at Scornubel. They resurrected their fallen friends - Bardu, Mullyn and Nulara. It will be noted that Mullyn came back somewhat . . . um . . . lacking. In any event, the gnome kept muttering something about his mission, a great cog in the sky, and how his path would cross the party again in the future. Though he would go his own way, he requested that the party retrieve from the Mere of Dead Men the strange astrological device they had once seen there. It was key to the success of their quest against the cult. He was certain of it.

Bardu and Lucien also exclaimed they that must part ways with the group in a hunt for the Great Deceiver. So, after saying their 'goodbyes', the remaining group hired on dozens of fighters and workers to defend and maintain their floating fortress. In fact, they even installed a casino!

In the days that followed, Leosin and Onthar- to whom the party had sent word - met them in Scornubel where they discussed the next steps of their plan against the cult. They would take their fight to the Mere of Dead Men - where last they had seen a black dragon, Voaraghamanthar. Kaelthiros subsequently sent word to his Elven kin and to the gold dragon, Tarlacoal, to alert them of the cult's plan and request their aid.

Before making their final preparations, Dain is reunited with a long lost love who informs him that he is to be a father! A wedding is to be held the next day!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode III - The Vampire Queen

It was inside the top of the cracked tower that the party engaged the last of the castle's threats - a vampire queen and two of her minions. The battle was hard-fought, but with teamwork and the use of some new-found abilities, our adventurers were able to best their foes.

Following the skirmish, Lucien escorted the group to Escalarta, who wanted to verify that everyone was loyal to her and her goal of eradicating the cultists. All present voiced their agreement. Satisfied, Escalarta propelled the castle onward through the sky. Soon, it seemed, the city of Scornubel would be within sight.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode II

Talis is brought aboard the castle and, in the company of Lucien, meets with guardian spirit of the castle, Escalarta. The cult leader and Escalarta reach an agreement that they believe to be mutually beneficial. In exchange for her help, Escalarta insists that Talis kill all but her most trusted guards.

And so, Talis tasks the party with eliminating the four cultists and three trolls that had accompanied her onto the castle. Now, I'd like to say our heroes made quick work of these foes, but such is not the case. It took our brilliant adventurers quite some time to use the fire on the trolls required to keep them down.

But, the battle behind them, they escort Talis off the castle so she can return to the hunting lodge. They then set off in the castle for Scornubal where they would resurrect their fallen allies. That night each member takes their watch. Kaelthiros experiments with his golems during his shift. The buggers are apparently rather daft!

Morning comes and Kaelthiros makes known that his coin purse is missing. Odd. That aside, the group continues to explore the untouched regions of the castle. In Rezmir's room Oloril finds some notes with the passwords to the teleportation circles. Additionally, they discover a chest that contains a dark draconic helmet. Mysteriously, this disappears the very instant Kaelthiros reaches in the chest. Another oddity. Murry uses the gem of trueseeing to locate the helmet, but it is nowhere to be found. Of course, Kaelthiros insists that Murry look at him through the gem. And yes, Murry sees the young copper dragon that is Kaelthiros' true form.

After some jestful conversation between the ranger and sorcerer*, the members of the party occupy themselves as they see fit. Finally,as the castle continues to travel, the group decides to explore the one remaining place in the castle they have not yet accessed - the cracked tower. Murry turns Oloril into a gaseous form and the dwarf slips inside . . .


*Kaelthiros is thoroughly convinced that Murry is part genie, and is expecting his three wishes!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Horde of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath

After dealing with the remaining threats in the castle, Escalarta sends the group of adventurers to take out the cultists at Parnast. Unfortunately, cultists are not the only opposition they face there. The cultists send waves of villagers to eliminate our heroes.

For better or for worse many in the party willingly kill the villigers along with the cultists. After the cultists are destroyed, Kaelthiros has a crisis of conscience. Though he did not intentionally injure any of the villagers, he felt responsible.

In an effort to make amends, he found a surviving young village boy named Elros. Surely, here was a chance to nurture a life. He picked up the boy and began walking into the castle. He would raise the boy as a son . . . or not. For as soon as he broke the plane of the castle's entrance, lightning struck the boy in his arms and killed him. Escalarta, the castle's guardian, would not suffer the boy to live!

Heartbroken and despondent, the ranger fell to his knees and wept. Surely, Bahamut knew he only meant the best. Such good intentions - such tragedy. He headed inside the castle and engaged Lucien for guidance and comfort. However, he would not be permitted much time for reflection or rest. Escalarta was now taking them to the hunting lodge to eliminate Talis and the other cult member who made residence there . . .

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #21 – Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

While Oloril recovered from his wounds, Dain and Kaelthiros engaged in a heart-to-heart conversation about the elf returning to the party. The fighter could see the sincerity of his comrade and, noting his recent good deeds, welcomed him back with arms open. Soon thereafter, Oloril awakened.

The three immediately then began their search for Lucien, who was nowhere to be found. It was several hours before they located him, but see him they did. The reverse was not the case, however, for Lucien, though alive, was now blind! The paladin had been blinded by Lathander for his deceitfulness in playing along with the ruse to enter the cult's castle. He explained to his friends that he had been tasked with returning Bardu and his fallen allies to a temple of Lathander. Upon completion of this, his sight would be restored to him. In the meantime though, he must walk by faith - not sight. Well, maybe hobble by faith. He has only one leg after all.

But Lathander was not the only one communicating with Lucien. The spirit of Blathgokis's wife had also been conversing with the paladin. What she wished, he told the party, was for them to wipe out the cultists at Parnast to exact revenge for the death of her husband.

The party agreed that they would do this, and then assist Lucien in getting their dead to the temple. So, with permission from the spirit-wife of the cloud giant, the group sifted through the treasure in the treasure room to see what useful things they might find to aid them in their quest.

It was in this room that they encountered a peculiar creature named Murry. The castle's curious infiltrator introduced himself as an Air Genasi Sorcerer who sought revenge upon the cultists. And so, after brief discussion, Murry aligned himself with our heroes to set out on their new quest . . .

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #20 – This Is How It Ends - Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

And there he stood . . . all alone. Dain had just dealt the death blow to Rezmir. Such a feat would surely seem a victory -  were it not for the carnage around him.  Scattered across the floor lie the bodies of his fallen comrades: Nulara, Kaelthiros, Oloril, and Mullyn. Lucien, however, was not in sight. The castle was no longer plunging downward towards the earth. Perhaps, from another location, it was the paladin who had managed to stop its descent? He would have to look later. Urgently, he darted to each of his senseless allies. The vital signs of Oloril and Kaelthiros were stable; however, the bodies of Nulara and Mullyn had no life in them. Their spirits had already departed.

Silently, the dwarf stood. Surely, preventing the summoning of Tiamat and killing Rezmir was a great success. Still, the loss that lie before him stole the gladness from his heart. After situating Oloril and Kaelthiros, the warrior steeled his resolve.

"Lucien," he cried out, "help me tend to their wounds."  With any luck the paladin was still living, and could assist Dain. That is, he could assist not only with tending to the living - but with making preparations . . . for the dead.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen #19 - Battle Aboard a Flying (Falling) Castle

After following the ogres to Blathgokus, the party discovers that the giant is aware that they've "stolen" from the treasure hoard and demands the return of all of the items they took. The party returns the items they took. The giant then invites them to dinner and engages them in conversation. The party begins to twist the giant's thoughts - isn't the cult manipulating and using you? The giant resolves to discuss the matter with Rezmir, asking the party to remain behind.

Following the daunting battle with an adult red dragon and the wave after wave of kobolds, ogres, and cultitsts, the party takes a much needed rest... but why did the cult allow them to take a rest? Could it be that the cult's forces are decimated?

No, kobolds scouts continually keep tabs on the party. But on Oloril's watch, something much bigger than kobolds comes to the party. Two ogres with plumed helmets, summon the party to meet the cloud giant, Blathgokus, who controls Skyreach Castle.

After hours of waiting, Blathgokus still hasn't returned. Then suddenly  The party and the giant's honor guard venturing out to find the giant. Opening up the tower doors, the party discovers that the courtyard at night is covered in pea-soup fog as a massive storm swirls around the castle. Venturing forward, the voice of Rezmir taunts them over the howl of the wind.

The ogres charge forward to attack in fury but the party hangs back, staying in tight formation. Oddly, the ogres return one at a time, and attack the party as if in a trance. The party holds their ground until two vampire spawn and a vampire attack, grappling Nulara, Lucien, and Kaelthiros and dragging them into the mist screaming.

Before Oloril, Mullyn, and Dain can rush to the aid of their friends Rezmir and two stone golems attack. Mullyn is quickly downed and Oloril soon follows. All looks lost for the party until lightning streaks down and strikes all on the battlefield. Is Have the gods answered Lucien's prayers?

Well... perhaps. But not as Lucien had hoped. Lucien has found his way to the control tower after driving off the vampire and has convinced the spirit of the castle to fight on their side! Using the temporary advantage, Dain delivers a death blow to Rezmir and the stone golems cease their attack.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cumulative Creatures Encountered List

Here's a total list of all of the villains, bad guys, monsters, and creatures the party has encountered and/or fought since the beginning of level 1:

Adult Blue Dragon
Adult Red Dragon
Adult Black Dragon (didn't fight)
Ambush Drakes
Ash Zombie
Bullywugs (including Pharblex Spattergoo)
Cloud Giant (didn't fight)
Cultists (Ranks: Cultist, Dragonclaw, Dragonwings, Dragonfang, and Wearers of Purple Wyrmspeakers)
             (Names: Rezmir, Frulam Mondath, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, Dralmorrer Borngray, and encountered but did not fight Talis the White)
Dragon Eggs (Red, White, and Black)
Evil Mage
Flame Elemental (didn't fight)
Giant Bat
Giant Boar
Giant Centipedes
Giant Frogs
Giant Lizards
Giant Spiders
Gray Ooze
Guard Drakes
Half-Dragon (Blue and Black)
Helmed Horror
Hobgoblin Captains
Hobgoblin Warlord
Ochre Jelly
Redbrand Ruffian
Red Wizards of Thay (Azbara Jos and Rath Modar)
Stone Golem
Swarms of Bats
Swarms of Rats
Swarms of Centipedes
Vampire Spawn
Violet Fungi
Will-O-Wisps (didn't fight)
Winged Kobolds
Young Green Dragon
Yuan-ti Malisons
Yuan-ti Purebloods

That's a very long list! Can you guess what creature on this list is most feared by my party? It isn't a dragon, vampire, golem or giant... it's the fearsome stirges! Those little bloodsuckers can send my level 8 characters running for the hills!

Creatures Encountered List #2

The heroic adventurers have completed their second quest. Let's take a look back on a comprehensive list of all of the enemies, beasts and foes the heroes fought in their second daunting quest:

Adult Blue Dragon
Adult Red Dragon
Adult Black Dragon (didn't fight)
Ambush Drakes
Bullywugs (including Pharblex Spattergoo)
Cloud Giant (didn't fight)
Cultists (Ranks: Cultists, Dragonclaws, Dragonwings, Dragonfang, and Wearer of Purple Wyrmspeakers) (Named Cultists: Rezmir, Frulam Mondath, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, Dralmorrer Borngray, and encountered but did not fight Talis the White)
Dragon Eggs (Red, White, and Black)
Flame Elemental (didn't fight)
Giant Bat
Giant Boar
Giant Centipedes
Giant Frogs
Giant Lizards
Giant Spiders
Gray Ooze
Guard Drakes
Half-Dragon (Blue and Black)
Helmed Horror
Hobgoblin Captains
Hobgoblin Warlord
Red Wizards of Thay (Azbara Jos and Rath Modar)
Stone Golem
Swarms of Bats
Swarms of Rats
Swarms of Centipedes
Vampire Spawn
Violet Fungi
Will-O-Wisps (didn't fight)
Winged Kobolds
Young Green Dragon
Yuan-ti Malisons
Yuan-ti Purebloods

That's quite a list! Next I'll post a combined list of all the creatures the party has fought since the beginning of the campaign!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #18 – And So It Begins

When we last left our heroes, they found themselves trapped in a room located in the upper regions of the castle.  Not knowing what else to do, and very much needing to do so, they wisely chose to take a long rest.  However, before they could finish this rest they heard a knock on the door.  Approaching the door quickly yet cautiously, Dain, Oloril, and Lucien flung open the door, grabbed the man who stood behind, covered his mouth, and yanked him inside.  As quietly as possible, they closed the door and turned their attention to the cultist who now lay in their grasp.

Before and needing to take any further course of action, the group quickly realized that their new prisoner was none other than a disguised Bardu!  The cleric informed them that he had traveled a great distance to ensure the party's safety.  He also communicated that he learned the location of the treasure and, potentially, a wyvern stable.

The group completed their long rest and proceeded downward into the underground tunnels of the floating structure in hopes of finding the cultists' treasure.  The winding subterranean tunnels through which they walked appeared to consist of a strange amber-like substance.  Within the walls they could see all manner of things trapped inside.  They did not have to walk much further before they entered a large room which held the treasure they sought.  However, atop the treasure sat a great red dragon!

Negotiating with the dragon soon proved futile, and the party found themselves engaged with their greatest foe yet.  The battle raged.  Lucien climbed atop the dragon, vicously and repeatedly bashing it on the head.  Dain, Mullyn, and Oloril, in the meantime, attacked it from the ground.  The dragon lashed out with his great claws and spat out his fiery breath.  The situation began to seem hopeless causing even Lucien and to cry out in despair to his god.  Although each of our heroes did their best, each one began to succumb to their battle wounds falling senseless to the ground.

Then, at just the right moment, their old ally Kaelthiros, made a much needed appearance.  Notching a magical red arrow from his quiver, their Elven friend drew back his bow, and left the arrow fly. The arrow sank a deep into the enemy's draconic flesh, causing the crimson beast to flee in terror.

Having a small respite from any immediate danger, Kaelthiros struggled to revive and mend as many of his comrades as he could.  Sadly, there had been some permanent loss.  Bardu was dead -  and Lucien had lost the lower part of his left leg.  As the party revived and regained their bearings, minus Bardu of course, they greeted the elf with surprising eagerness.

Greetings and explanations would have to wait, however.  For now they had perhaps only minutes until the next wave of enemies overtook them.  In the minutes that followed, Dain, Nulara, and Oloril gathered what they thought useful from the horde of treasure.  At the same time, Kaelthiros tended to Lucien as the mourning the paladin tended to the body of the fallen cleric.  Having done that as much as they could in a short amount of time, the party sought the quickest way of escape.  However, escape would not come.

Over time, the room quickly filled with all manner of foes - kobolds, giant ogres, and flying cultists.  Mullyn cast his spells, Dain swung his sword, Nulara parried, and Lucien flung his staff.  At times, the battle seemed utterly hopeless - so much so that even the ever-confident Kaelthiros cried out to Bahamut, offering up his life if he could only take on his true dragon form to spare the lives of his allies.  But it up as though Bahamut did not grant is request, the party did manage to eliminate all their foes - though they themselves barely remained standing.

Oloril, during the chaos, managed off to escape the room and reach the upper levels of the castle in hopes of gaining further information and additional options.  Once above, he saw none other than Rezmir!  After battling ogres and firing ballistae, the dwarf evaded enemy grasp and made his way back to his comrades.

And so there the party stood, in the treasure room, a strange and eerie silence surrounding them . . .

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #17 – An Unexpected Alliance

And so it was that our heroes yet again entered the mysterious hunting lodge. They made their way cautiously through the unexplored areas until they happened upon a tapestry. Lucien, taking interest in the artistry, leaned into the tapestry to take a closer look. However, as he leaned forward, he fell into the tapestry and disappeared. Another magicked work of art! The others, not wanting to lose their friend, followed Lucien into the tapestry. Well, actually, Nulara stayed to fight an enchanted set of armor before deciding it best to follow suit.

After a quick reorientation and some moments to observe their surroundings more carefully, the dauntless adventures realized that they were now miles away from the lodge. At least they were still in the same plane of existence! So, wearily, with the grudge still very much alive between the two dwarves, the group drudged back toward the lodge.

For the third time now, the party arrived at the lodge. This time they explored the remaining areas only to be apprehended by cultists. The cultists took the party to their leader, Talis, who proposed a truce be made between them due to their common interests. She offered to tell them the location of the cult's treasure in exchange for the elimination of her competitor, Rezmir.

The terms seemed agreeable, even to Lucien. In fact, thanks to insightful questions asked by Oloril, the paladin had quite a good conversation with the cult leader. The two did share the common goal of restoring order and peace to the world. The means by which each hoped to achieve this goal, however, differed drastically. Still, Lucien felt more than a touch of compassion for Talis. Perhaps even she could be redeemed.

They spent that night at the lodge – guests of the cultists. In the morning they would leave for their destination, a floating castle in they sky within the town of Parnast. A castle that housed both the cult's treasure and the nefarious Rezmir.

And so it came to pass, that the party reached the town of Parnast and made their way onto the floating castle. Their identity seemed to remain hidden for they carried with them a banner from Talis. When confronted, all but Lucien spoke the phrase that was taught them - “Hail, Tiamat, our mother and our strength!” Behaving thusly, no one seemed to find their presence unusual.

After some time, the castle took off and began flying though the air towards an unknown destination. Unhindered, the party explored and finally came upon a room in which they found two wizards. Unfortunately, one of them immediately recognized Nulara! In the vicious battle that ensued, one of the wizards was felled and the other – the one who recognized Nulara - escaped by flying away through a secret door. Surely the party's presence would be given up. Certainly they were no longer safe! Worn and ragged from combat, our heroes needed to find a way to prepare what would come next . . .

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #16 – Oloril and the White Stag

Once inside the lodge, the party made it's way through several traps and setbacks. They soon discovered a large painting of a white stag on the far wall of one of the rooms. Upon closer inspection, it was quickly identified as a magical painting. However, it was too late for Oloril. The poor dwarf had already been charmed by the insidious work of art. He became convinced that this “white stag” was out in the mountains somewhere and needed to be destroyed. Lucien attempted to dissuade him by demonstrating that last time they encountered a stag it was (or at least lead the way to) a dragon of the same color. A white stag could mean a white dragon. Unfortunately, this only fueled the fighter's resolve. If it was a white dragon then it certainly had to go!

Without much ado, Oloril waltzed right out of the lodge and towards the alleged mountainous home of the white dragon. The party followed the dwarf, worried for his safety. Lost and worn, they wandered on and on towards the mountains. At one point Dain, in frustration, insulted Oloril's character. Oloril's response, of course, was to stubbornly refuse to converse with his mentor until an acceptable apology was offered (which would not happen during this part of the story). Finally, having enough of the nonsense, Mullyn began creating illusory “stag footprints” leading back to the general direction of the lodge so that Oloril would turn around. This worked as intended!

During a rest on the return trip, Nulara encountered a group of elves as she was gathering berries. They offered to serve as an escort back to the lodge if the party agreed to assist them in conquering a group of local gnolls. The party did so without hesitation, killing several dozen of the creatures. Thankful, and bound by their agreement, the elves escorted the party back to the lodge.

And so there they were, back at the beginning.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #15 - "Drazier"

After much searching, the party finally learns the secret word that will activate the teleporation circle: "drazier". They stand in the circle, speak the word, and brace for what comes next. To their surprise, what meets them on the other side is not an onslaught of enemies, but a vast landscape. Beside them are two other teleportation circles and, in the distance, a cottage of sorts.

However, not all is as it seems. As Nulara quickly discovers, the cottage is a mere illusion covering a steep cliff. Additionally, Mullyn uses his key of truesight to discover a hidden hunting lodge in the opposite direction. The exploration of the lodge awaits them! What will be found within?

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #14 - Fruitless Searches

The party revives Borngrey and interrogates him under Lucien's zone of truth. Unfortunately, the Elven supremacist offers no useful information, attempts to escape, and is killed by Dain. The next room of the keep houses nothing but nasty centipedes - and I mean nasty. In a matter of seconds they rendered poor Lucien unconscious!

After that fine episode, our heroes encounter a series of similarly nasty foes in their continued search: a large sewage dwelling-beast, ethereal banshees (the cause of Lucien's now-rotting face), and several gargoyles. All the enemies are defeated; however, no further clues to the teleportation circle are found (although Oloril does find a raven that he seems to want to keep as a pet). Will the party ever uncover the mystery of the teleportation circle? We shall see . . .
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Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #13 - Attrition

Having survived the most recent assault, our heroes decide that they need to learn more about the mysterious teleportation circle - both how to use it, and where it leads. The easiest way to do this, they decide, is to find, capture and interrogate a cultist. And so our explorers infiltrate the deepest reaches of the keep in search of their quarry.

Before locating any cultists, however, the group stumbles upon a chest in one of the open rooms. Oloril, convinced nothing appears to be out of the ordinary with the chest, proceeds to open it. Unfortunately, in response to his opening of the chest, earthen containers filled with a gaseous substance fall from the ceiling and shatter on the floor, causing hallucinogenic fumes to permeate the air. Only Dain and Mullyn seem to avoid the effects of the gas. The others, as we shall soon discover, are not so fortunate. Upon breathing the fumes, Nulara, Snapjaw, Slackjaw, and Jemna begin to believe that they are frog-like creatures, and so they run quickly to the nearest body of water to submerge themselves. Yes, submerge themselves. Breathing all that water will no doubt prove disastrous . . . but we will get to that.

Meanwhile, as Lucien breathes in the gas, he begins to perceive that those around him (Oloril, Dain, and Mullyn) are giant enemy frog creatures. Persuaded that the evil creatures must be destroyed, he begins to fiercely attack the nearest one. The one with the giant crocodile hat. Hmm, Oloril had a hat just like that one. Oh, well. In fact, the unfortunate reality is that the "crocidile-capped amphibian" was indeed poor Oloril. I say, "poor Oloril", because Lucien, in two furious strikes, sent the dwarf into the realm of the formerly-conscious.

Dain, quickly perceiving that something is amiss with his paladin friend, gives the frenzied Lucien a solid whack on the side of the head, leaving him on the ground beside the benumbed Oloril. Dain then proceeds to chase down the rest of his companions while Mullyn is left to stabilize and guard his two senseless companions.

It is only after a short run that Dain sees Nulara, Snapjaw, Slackjaw, and Jemna laying face-down in a large pool. Not wanting to waste any time, the heroic dwarf swims out the them, grabs Nulara, and takes her back to dry ground. After stabilizing her, he returns to the water for his remaining three allies. Sadly, all three are long dead. (Now, I must note here that legend states that as soon as Jemna's heart beat its last, a smile crossed the face of the unconscious Oloril. But, perhaps it is just that - a legend. Then again . . . perhaps not.)

Saddened, yet full of haste, Dain, with the Nulara on his shoulders, rushes back to Mullyn to communicate the macabre news. The two work together to tend to their wounded comrades, and take turns standing guard as they allow their fallen friends to stabilize and regain consciousness. After a long rest, the members of the party, awakened and restored, share their perspectival insight into the events that have just transpired.

A bit stunned at what has occurred, the group decides to press on to the next area of the keep. However, they discover that during their rest, they have been barricaded in. Nulara, thankfully, is able to sneak to the other side of one of the barricades and work silently to move it aside. Finally, the tireless monk creates an opening large enough for all to fit through.

All draw a breath of relief when they emerge on the other side of the barricade. But, it is only a single breath. For, in a matter of seconds, the party finds itself surrounded by cultists, small dragon-like creatures, and even winged cultists!

Within this confined area of the castle, the group fights valiantly against the opposing horde. Yet despite their efforts, they see some of their number fall in battle. In the end, only Dain and Mullyn remain standing - locked in a grueling battle with an Elven cultist leader, Bourne Grey (sp?). Mullyn would be the one to fell him. With a blast of magic missles, the gnome sends their flamboyant nemesis to the ground.

The group is quickly revived and gathers its bearings. An interrogation of Bourne Grey is certainly in order. He must answer not only their questions - but also for the lives of their fallen companions . . .


For decades to come, Lucien would tell the story of his fierce duel with the
 "crocodile-capped amphibian".

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen #12 - Who Saves the Calvary?

Having endured the first defensive way in the swamp castle, the party decides to press forward with its assault despite being beat up and low on magical resources. Snapjaw, their lizardfolk ally, quickly enlists the aide of over 20 lizardfolk allies while Oloril decides to throw open random doors (finding a shrine to Tiamat). Snapjaw quickly leads the party through the outer ward and into the great hall where the party finds a small portion of the looted treasure they were seeking after.

Snapjaw continues to guide the party to stairs leading down into the catacombs below. Without resistance, the party finds a teleportation circle in a dead end corridor. Signs seem to indicate that the treasure the party has been tracking was brought to this location and then teleported away... however, the party is unable to operate the teleportation circle.

The party decided to continue investigating the underground caverns in hopes of finding a way to activate the portal. They entered a large cavern with an underground lake when suddenly they heard frogs croaking loudly and gigantic splashes as creatures jumped into the water in the dark. The giant frogs were the first wave of the assault upon the party, quickly eating some of the party's lizardfolk allies. Next, dozens of bullywugs surged forward, pushing the party back. When the bullywug leader and shaman, Parbalax Splatergoo, strode confidently, walking across the surface of the lake, and began hurling spells at the party, the group was at its breaking point.

Fortunately, Nulara charged to the rescue, teleporting through the darkness and dragging Parbalax down into the depths of the underground lake. When Nulara bobbed back to the surface, she was dragging Parbalax's corpse behind her.

The party stood victorious, but the victory cost the lives of most of their lizardfolk allies.

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #11 - The Siege

The party's new ally, Snapjaw, lead the party in canoes through the swamp to the cult's castle. Suddenly, a massive black dragon surged up from the depths, demanding from the party that they tell him where he can find the elf that stole from him. Knowing exactly of whom he was speaking (Endilthil), the party honestly admitted that they had parted ways with Endilthil some time ago. The black dragon, having a name for the elf that dared to take from his treasure hoard, left the party alive.

The crocodiles that awaited the party, however, were not so friendly. They ambushed the party, grappling and dragging several members into the water in a frenzied battle. The party's newest ally, Snapjaw, was nearly fatally wounded but luckily survived. The party was victorious and soon arrived at dry land near the castle, hearing drumming coming from the castle.

Only the castle was completely in ruins. Nevertheless, Snapjaw went about recruiting lizardfolk from the nearby longhouses. The party, thinking that Snapjaw may have overstated the castle's importance, was still true to its word in assisting Snapjaw and the lizardfolk in eradicating a few scores of bullywugs from the bullywug huts. This eradication involved *the party* launching a fireball at the bullywugs.

Immediately after wiping out the bullywugs, Mullyn looked at the castle with True Sight. Indeed, the ruined castle was but an illusion and a fully functional castle was truly there. The party charged, quickly taking down the guards at the gate with another fireball.

Both fireballs alerted the inhabitants of the castle to the party's assault. Much to the party's despair, wave after wave of bullywugs, cultists, and ambush drakes streamed into the causeway. The party was able to fend off this repelling force but it severely reduced the party's resources in the process.

Battered and beaten, the party stood victorious but with a crucial decision: Press on and catch the enemy while they are still unorganized or fall back to rest and heal?

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #10 - An Unlikely Ally

The party  pursues their objective  through the marshy land, and decides to rest for the night on the only bit of raised and dry land in sight. As could be expected, due to its conspicuous nature, their little makeshift camp is invaded by a group of lizardmen not long after nightfall. These invaders are dealt with quickly. One of them, by the name of Snapjaw, is restrained and interrogated.

It is during this interrogation that the party discovers that Snapjaw knows the treasure of the cultists to be hidden in a large nearby castle. The surprisingly cooperative captive offers to lead them to this castle if the party is willing to eliminate any of the evil frog-like creatures they may likely encounter there. The accord seemed quite agreeable to our heroes as they had no other lead to follow. Well, that and the fact that Mullyn had just obliterated a mass of these devious little froglings during the interrogation meant that they were already well on their way to fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Will the party find their new companion to be a valuable asset or a perilous liability? And let's not forget - where, oh where, is Endelthil?

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #9 - Not That Way...

The party was hired on by a trade company rebuilding the road between Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate. They did this to continue following the cult because the dragon cult planned to continue north to the construction base. They successfully tracked the cult's stolen treasure to the roadhouse, only to discover it was suddenly missing from the locked strongroom!  The party decided to stick with the cult as they continued north only to be assaulted by an overwhelming number of trolls. The caravan was captured and the cult fled north while the party fled south back to the roadhouse. Deciding their only option was to track the treasure into the Mere of Dead Men, they followed the obvious trail into the swamp, easily defeating a group of giant frogs. The party is weakened and in an unforgiving, hostile territory.

But you don't have to take my word for it. My son, a second grader, filled in for the roll of Jamna Gleamsilver and decided to write up his own game summary:

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #8 - Pressing Forward

Our heroes continued toward Waterdeep with the caravan, defending it against giant spiders, ettercaps, and some nasty divebombing birdies. They did eventually reach Waterdeep safely. It was there they encountered Reven and were able to "persuade" him to return what remained of Nulara's stolen goods. The party then provisioned up and joined another caravan in order to continue their investigation of the cultists.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #7 - Blending In

The group continues their journey. Mullyn encounters a golden dragon, receives a gift, and is warned that not all members of their group will survive the present quest. Oloril is assaulted by two deceptive women. Sadly, as word of this gets out, he is removed from his hired position in the caravan.

Meanwhile, Lucien catches hints that one of the members of his cart (a halfling named Revan) may have Nulara's statue and gems. Unfortunately, Revan sneaks away before the items could be repossesed.

Strangely, one of the cultists seems to be eyeing up Mullyn. So, in an effort to protect himself, the gnome magically alters his appearance to that of the now-missing Revan. All seems to go well until the the caravan arrives in the next town. Oloril, discovering that a handful of "nobles" has rented the entire inn - leaving all others out in the rain - initiates a fight with them. Mullyn, disguised as Revan, stays out of the fight to avoid unwanted attention. Near him, Lucien stands guard and heals his friends as needed. With all the "nobles" defeated, the party quickly discovers that they were nothing more than assassins sent to kill Dain and Oloril! If news of this reaches the caravan, trouble will surely follow . . .

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #5 - Fresh Blood

The last time we left our party, they had saved the Baron's wife from Silvergleaming who, unfortunately, managed to escape the party's grasp. Though they had much to celebrate, all did not end happily. You see, Endelthil had made a public confession concerning his past misdeeds to the rest of the group. This disclosure was not well received. So much so that the elf was voted out of the party. Despite this, in a last effort of good faith, the elf relinquished  possession of his journals to Dain in hopes that one day the dwarf - and the rest - would truly understand.

And thus the party, sans Endelthil, began to pursue the quest given to them by Leosin. Their goal was to track the Dragon Cult's activity near Baldur's Gate, and make frequent reports concerning their findings. With Endelthil gone, however, Ontharr was quick to note the party's absence of healing ability. His recommendation was to locate Lucien Highwinter, a paladin, who could be found at the Temple of Lathander within Baldur's Gate.

Upon reaching Baldur's Gate, the party sought out Lucien and and requested that he join them on their mission. He agreed to help, but also informed them that Bardu had been seeking them out - Nulara in particular. For it was she who held the object of his quest. Bardu entreated Nulara to give him Lightbringer, a long lost ecclesiastical relic with which she fought, in exchange for gold and a magical sword. Wisely, she agreed.

During their time waiting for signs of the Dragon Cult, the party became keenly aware of two things. The first - that Dain and Oloril were being actively tracked down for the bounty on their head - a bounty put into place by a man named Lord Diamond. Second - that a man with a scarred face sought them out.

Wanting to make the best of the situation, the party prepared for any impending attack that might be made against them while at the inn. And an attack did come. The party was assaulted by none other than a scar-faced Glasstaff! A nemesis long thought to be dead. Along with him, several bandits engaged the party in combat.The battle raged and, in the end, Glasstaff fell - but so did Mullyn. The gnome was dead. Upon this realization, Lucien grabbed his fallen comrade and rushed him to the Temple of Lathander for resurrection. Thankfully, this was able to be accomplished without much ado.

Now able to refocus on their task, the adventurers caught their first glimpse of the Dragon Colt as a caravan approached the bustling city . . .

Oh yeah, Glasstaff escaped the City Guard to which he had been delivered. So now, Glasstaff, Silvergleaming, and the bounty hunters continue to elude the party's reach.

What You Learned From Endelthil's Journals


Setting: 1.5 Years Before Party

Endelthil narrowed his keen elven eyes in annoyance as a tattered figure shambled towards his post. Despite the distance and the cover of the night, he could identify the approaching figure as a human male – worn and frail by the looks of it.

Not another one, he thought. I grow weary of these beggars. The lesser races always come to us to solve their problems! Their very existence is a gaping void, waiting to drain the time and life out of everyone they encounter! Our energy would be far better spent on our own personal development.

An ever-growing disdain grew inside him. His hand reached back into his quiver and lightly caressed the fletching an arrow. He would not actually nock it, of course – but he felt satisfied knowing that the fate of the approaching wretch rested squarely in his hands.

His closest friends knew of his dislike of the weaker races. It was ever his goal to dissuade them from investing their time and effort into aiding those who could never achieve the greatness of the elves. However, his closest friend, Naelthos, was a much more compassionate soul – and Endelthil's superior. In fact, it had been Naelthos that had instructed Endelthil to keep watch this very night. Other races seeking help had come to the Elven homeland frequently of late, particularly in the cover of night. Naelthos' hope, Endelthil knew, was that a more compassionate disposition would develop within him if  he were to witness the sincerity and despair on the faces of the weak as they entreated him for aid. This, of course, was simply not the case.

As the wayward man came within 10 yards, Endelthil sprang from the edge of the forest and landed squarely in front of him. He glared menacingly at the stranger from under his hooded cloak. "What do you want from us?" he questioned, his voice surging with both elegance and disdain.

" I – I, I only seek you aid, sir elf." The man fell on one knee, and trembling sought to discern Endelthil's features and demeanor - but to no avail. "Our town of Westbridge is under frequent attack by our enemies, and we cannot hold out much longer!"

"What a surprise!" The elf made no attempt to hide the condescending smirk spreading across his face - though he thought it a shame that it could not be seen in the cover of darkness. He tilted his head downward toward the wearisome petitioner. Before he could do anything else, however, the man leaped to his feet, grabbed Endelthil's arms, and began to shout.

"Please! Give us your aid! You must speak with my brother, Wendell Crestfallen. He is the townmaster there." The smell of alcohol on the man's breath was so concentrated that the elf, in a fit of disgust,  promptly thrust his foot in the man's chest and sent him flying backwards.

"Find your aid, elsewhere," Endelthil retorted. "You are detestable! Now, leave before we do worse to you than your enemies!" The man, confused and frightened, scrambled to his feet and bolted out of sight. As he ran, documents flew from his garments and settled onto the earth below.

Endelthil stood staring until both the man and his wailing cries were far off in the distance. When all had faded, he quietly gathered the documents strewn on the ground. Among them he found a missive written to his kin by the man's brother, Wendell, entreating the "good elves" for their aid. Endelthil scoffed and revealed the next document. To his disgust – but not surprise – he identified it as an application to the Redbrand organization within the region of Phandolin!

The elf laughed out loud, "And to think I almost felt sorry for the poor fool! It seems he will do whatever it takes to save his own hide. Wretch." As he looked down at the tattered application, he identified the man's name. "Frank Crestfallen," he read aloud. "Well, good luck, Frank. Hope that I never see you again or it will by my arrow in your chest."
__________ The events below are summarized. To be fleshed out later._________

Unfortunately for Endelthil, Naelthos soon discovered the details of  his little misdeed. As both punishment and correction, Naelthos temporarily exiled Endelthil to the town of Westbridge. There he was to to teach, train, and aid the people until they were fully equipped to protect themselves from enemy attacks, and fully equipped to advance as a community. Once this was accomplished, Naelthos hoped Endelthil would be a changed man, able to see for himself that the weak are able to progress if the are given the right tools - that there is hope for them to be great.

Of course, Endelthil was not happy to be sent on such a long, arduous and repulsive task. Though he knew the completion of  his assignment would mean restoration to his kin, he dreaded the many many months of trying to make noble and capable leaders out of the backwards and ignoble leeches of Westbridge.

After many days travel, the elf arrived at his destination. There to greet him was the lay-leader of the meager village, Wendell Crestfallen. He had formed the town from a group of outcasts and misfits in hope of a new life. Unsurprisingly, Endelthil found himself at odds with Wendell due to their philosophical differences towards the underdeveloped masses. Wendell believed they should all be given both the tools and resources to develop, while the Ranger believed that such a pursuit was worthless and a detriment to the personal development of the noble and the capable - those like himself.

However, as the months passed, Endelthil found himself more open to Wendell and his views. He took note that the townmaster, while offering everyone a chance, had expelled some of the members from the community due to their refusal to pursue their own personal development and the good of the town. Now that they had the tools and the training, they were expected to give their best. Not to be perfect, but to progress. It was only those that refused such pursuit, those that chose to leech off the time and talents of the others, that he sent away to live out the consequences of their own way of life. He allowed them to return to the town only on the condition that they aggressively pursue their own personal development and that of the community.

Such passion Endelthil saw in Wendell - such a desire not only for his own development, but for that of those around him. Wendell was compassionate and understanding, to be sure. But, he was not tolerant of those who chose to be less than what they could become - those who chose to take rather than develop and give. Those like Frank, Wendell’s own brother, whom Endelthil learned had been exiled not long ago for this very reason.

And so it came to pass that Endelthil and Wendell became close friends. Together, the forged an able-bodied town that was continually progressing in every way. Endelthil made many friends in the town. Excitement grew within him each time he saw those he trained eagerly develop into more than they dreamed the could be - soldiers, artisans, traders, philosophers. They had been restored. They had become what they should be.

Aside from Wendell though, Endelthil developed a deep friendship with only one other member of the town - a man who had once murdered his dearest friend, but because of Endelthil, had been given a second chance to become something better. To give life instead of take it. The man’s name was Lucien Highwinter. Not much will be said of him here, but you will soon learn more of him.

Eventually, the time came for Endelthil to part ways with the town. The time for the elf to return to his kinsfolk and to Naelthos with a renewed soul and purpose. He bade all a fond farewell and took with him only a gift and a letter from Wendell. 

However, on his way back he caught wind of a great threat that loomed large over another nearby settlement. A threat to great to conquer on his own. Before he returned to his homeland, he would provide aid - but he could not do it alone.

Thankfully, the elf knew that nearby lived a young copper dragon who could lend him aid. The dragon, Kaelthiros, was known for his wit and his cunning in battle - but also for his pride and lust for gems. The dragon, however, refused to help Endelthil with his plight. He did not think it worth his time to help the mortal races of the land. To him they were a lost cause. It was at this moment that Endelthil knew - experienced - how Frank must have felt when the elf rejected him. It was a moment of revelation.

Still, the elf was undaunted. He chose to pursue the threat alone - and was killed. So ended the life of the Elven Ranger, Endelthil.



Setting: 3 Days Before Party

Bahamut looked down upon Kaelthiros and was not pleased. His arrogance had caused the death of an elf only on the verge of a new way of life. Such a loss. Such a tragedy. With her sheer will, Bahamut, summoned Kaelthiros in front of her that very moment. She communicated to him her great displeasure of his misdeed. However, she would allow him a chance to redeem himself. The conditions of this chance were, she told Kaelthiros, that his soul would be sent to indwell the resurrected body of Endelthil. Kaelthiros would lose his memories of his life as a dragon and live out in the elf’s body the life Endelthil should have lived. Should he live well, the young copper dragon would be returned to his original form with his memory restored. And so with a simple nod of the draconic deity’s head, it began . . .

[The following are select entries from the journal of Kaelthiros, living in the body of Endelthil]

Day 1, Year Unknown

I have just experienced the most disturbing development of my life. Or, at least I can only assume that it is, as I cannot remember anything prior to the uncanny events of this past night – save for my own name. My first memory is regaining consciousness in this particular wooded area only some short hours ago. The chilling raindrops which struck my face, and the thunder echoing across the night sky roused me from my senseless state. Soaked and confused, I remember struggling to my feet and shaking my head to regain any recollection of my past – but nothing came.

And here I sit, on the verge of dawn, with only the faintest of clues as to my past life, and absolutely no hint of why I find myself here. My past is all but lost, and my future is yet unknown to me. But I will not dwell on this presently, as only frustration will follow.

Fortunately, the belongings that I - by all appearances - had carried with me are proving useful. My bow and a full quiver of arrows are at my disposal. To my satisfaction I find myself able to strike my mark with precision and ease – a small happiness amidst my distress. Beyond this, in my backpack, I found some basic supplies, rations, woodcarving tools, and other necessities. However, the most interesting item I found within it's confines was a folded letter addressed to me:


My dearest friend, no words can describe my thanks for what you have done. You left your comfort all those years ago to come to our common village. You taught us, trained us, protected us, and befriended us. We are forever in your debt for all that you have bestowed upon our community. You are a hero among the common and the downtrodden.
Now, we know that you must go. Take these woodcarving tools we made for you so that you may never forget us. Fashion your arrows as you fashion you your destiny. I have no doubt that this destiny that beckons you in your dreams and floods your hours of meditation will become the most acute reality for you. I wish you well, my brother.
Peace and Hope,

So many questions. What common village? Who is Wendell? What destiny calls to me in my hours of meditation? Meditation. Rest. That is what I need. I will write later.


An exciting turn of events! During my hours of meditation, a mysterious riddle was revealed to me:

The Forgotten quivers
Avaricious ascendant

deny home’s hearth
for brumal desolation,
dare measure
a raven heart,
swallow celadon wind
that abducts breath,
hold steel resolve
against an azure tempest,
forge fortune and
oppose greed’s blushing furnace

Dread sovereign
The Realms travail

The words came so clearly, yet its meaning remains largely unknown to me. Despite this, I am confident that I must pursue this destiny, and that I have a significant role to play it its unfolding. I venture out this morning – into realms unknown!

*you flip ahead several pages in the journal*

Day 12

I have joined the Zhentarim, led by Hollia here in Phandolin. They are a shrewd and resourceful lot. I hope to gain resources and training from them as needed. However, I don't think the others would approve. I'll keep this to myself.

I still can't believe Bardu was so dense! I almost killed the poor fool! No perception whatsoever! Oh well. We were successful in our invasion of the Redbrand hideout nonetheless. Poor Frank, though. I did rather enjoy the fellow.

*You already know this stuff so you flip through several dozen pages, eager to learn of Endelthil's doings after Gundren's funeral. You're eyes stop at this entry.*

Day 97

Such frustration! I am no closer to regaining my memory and I have decimated everything! Gundren and his brothers are dead. I alone am at fault. Why was I so drawn to the gems? Why!? Gundren, forgive me! I will redeem myself.

Day 99

I attended Gundren's funeral – avoiding all who know me. A growing dread and sadness overwhelms me. What did Wendell ever see in me? Was it really me who aided their entire village? Am I even the same person now? How can I atone for my misdeeds? How can I become the person I once was – the person I no longer know?

Day 101

The Browncloaks are now demanding taxes from all in Phandolin in exchange for the protection of the town. Quelline, however, is refusing to pay. She feels that the Browncloaks' rise to power was unjust. As both a Browncloak and a friend of Qeulline, I find myself torn.


After much discussion with Hollia, she has refused to grant Quelline any leniency. She escorted Quelline through the town, directly to the prison. It was then that I did what must be done. I rose up before the townspeople and publicly withstood Hollia, the leader of the Browncloaks, to the face. I have a great deal of respect for her, but she has gone to far this time!

After the event, Hollia and I spoke again in private. She was far less harsh than I expected. Though she stripped me of my position within the Browncloaks, she has agreed to continue my training within the Zhentarim. Evidently, she was impressed by my resolve. Perhaps she will rethink her methods in the future. In any case, her plan is to exile Quelline from Phandolin in the morning. It is growing late. I will visit Quelline in her cell to see if there is any way I can help her.

Day 102

Last night I offered to spring Quelline from her cell, but she refused. She simply thanked me for my public stance against Hollia, and forbade me to become any more involved. She did not want me to take any more risks.

This morning she was released by Hollia and told not to return to Phandolin until she was ready to pay her dues. I'm not sure, but I think I noted a twinge of sadness in Hollia's expression. She may be quite a bit softer than she looks.


I have accompanied Quelline and her son on their journey to the next town where they can restart their lives. I have given her some of my personal funds. It should be enough to give them a solid foundation for their future. We said our goodbyes, and I promised to visit. For now though, I must continue on my own journey.

Day 105 – Final Entry

Reidoth is not here. It was my hope that I could convince him to resurrect Gundren once the body is found. Perhaps it was a faulty idea, anyway. Yes, it is for the best. I will return to Phandolin in the morning. I am not sure how, but I will redeem myself. I will remember. I will become who I once was. I am close now. I can feel it.


And so it was that Kaelthiros (as you now know him to be) did become his former self that next day. For, that morning he returned to Phandolin only to see it being assailed by two evil dragons - a green and a white. Houses were burning and the townsfolk of Phandolin lie dying in the raging inferno. Full of despair and rage, our brave ranger raced to the midst of the chaos and engaged the evil duo. But the noble conflict would end in his death. And it was then, at the time of his death, that all became clear.

Upon his death, he was once again transported before Bahamut - and his memory restored. She looked at Kaelthiros with mixed emotions. She expressed to him both her displeasure of the young dragon’s negligent murder of Gundren, and her happiness at the stand Kaelthiros took in Quelline’s defense. The dragon queen noted further that Kaelthiros had not yet fully redeemed himself - his soul was not yet pure. To help him accomplish this purification she informed him that his soul should would once again be sent into the body of Endelthil. However, this time the soul and memories of Endelthil would join his soul and memories within the elf’s body. The two would live as one. Endelthil living again and purifying the soul of Kaelthiros in the process.

Before he could respond, Kaelthiros suddenly found himself back in Phandolin - as a dragon. Quickly noting this, he lashed out at the evil dragons which were still ravaging the town. Severely wounded, they bolted through the sky in a desperate retreat. For now, they were defeated.

Then, with a jolting flash of light, Kaelthiros’ body dissipated and his soul entered Endelthil’s lifeless corpse. In an overwhelmingly fantastic moment, the elf stood. Endelthil and Kaelthiros were one. A flood of emotions and memories overwhelmed him - overwhelmed them. In a violent surge of panic the two beings clashed at the realization of inhabiting the same body. However, after many intentional moments of progressive deescalation, they sorted their memories, feelings, and priorities. In a great act of humility and desire for true redemption, Kaelthiros allowed Endelthil’s persona to take the lead.

In the following moments of lucidity, Endelthil found Hollia dying nearby. He cradled her in his arms and spoke words of encouragement as her soul passed. Over the next few weeks, Endelthil, enlightened and renewed, helped the town rebuild and then decided to seek out his long lost friend, Wendell Crestfallen.

After a journey full of reflection, Endelthil arrived in Westbridge. He and Wendell reunited and shared stories of their time apart - although it took Wendell some time to come to terms with the truth of his friend’s story. Much needed refreshment and mutual encouragement was shared by both. Endelthil remained with his friend for a short time and then decided to reunite with Mullyn, who Wendell informed him was in Burdusk. From there he could rejoin his party and continue his new life of restoration and redemption.

But how could he tell his story to his friends? Would they believe such a fantastic tale? They already resented him - well Kaelthiros, anyway. Perhaps it would be easier just to show them that he is different now. That he is a new person - or rather the person he used to be - the person they never knew. Yes. That is what he would do. He would prove it to them.