Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode II

Talis is brought aboard the castle and, in the company of Lucien, meets with guardian spirit of the castle, Escalarta. The cult leader and Escalarta reach an agreement that they believe to be mutually beneficial. In exchange for her help, Escalarta insists that Talis kill all but her most trusted guards.

And so, Talis tasks the party with eliminating the four cultists and three trolls that had accompanied her onto the castle. Now, I'd like to say our heroes made quick work of these foes, but such is not the case. It took our brilliant adventurers quite some time to use the fire on the trolls required to keep them down.

But, the battle behind them, they escort Talis off the castle so she can return to the hunting lodge. They then set off in the castle for Scornubal where they would resurrect their fallen allies. That night each member takes their watch. Kaelthiros experiments with his golems during his shift. The buggers are apparently rather daft!

Morning comes and Kaelthiros makes known that his coin purse is missing. Odd. That aside, the group continues to explore the untouched regions of the castle. In Rezmir's room Oloril finds some notes with the passwords to the teleportation circles. Additionally, they discover a chest that contains a dark draconic helmet. Mysteriously, this disappears the very instant Kaelthiros reaches in the chest. Another oddity. Murry uses the gem of trueseeing to locate the helmet, but it is nowhere to be found. Of course, Kaelthiros insists that Murry look at him through the gem. And yes, Murry sees the young copper dragon that is Kaelthiros' true form.

After some jestful conversation between the ranger and sorcerer*, the members of the party occupy themselves as they see fit. Finally,as the castle continues to travel, the group decides to explore the one remaining place in the castle they have not yet accessed - the cracked tower. Murry turns Oloril into a gaseous form and the dwarf slips inside . . .


*Kaelthiros is thoroughly convinced that Murry is part genie, and is expecting his three wishes!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Horde of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath

After dealing with the remaining threats in the castle, Escalarta sends the group of adventurers to take out the cultists at Parnast. Unfortunately, cultists are not the only opposition they face there. The cultists send waves of villagers to eliminate our heroes.

For better or for worse many in the party willingly kill the villigers along with the cultists. After the cultists are destroyed, Kaelthiros has a crisis of conscience. Though he did not intentionally injure any of the villagers, he felt responsible.

In an effort to make amends, he found a surviving young village boy named Elros. Surely, here was a chance to nurture a life. He picked up the boy and began walking into the castle. He would raise the boy as a son . . . or not. For as soon as he broke the plane of the castle's entrance, lightning struck the boy in his arms and killed him. Escalarta, the castle's guardian, would not suffer the boy to live!

Heartbroken and despondent, the ranger fell to his knees and wept. Surely, Bahamut knew he only meant the best. Such good intentions - such tragedy. He headed inside the castle and engaged Lucien for guidance and comfort. However, he would not be permitted much time for reflection or rest. Escalarta was now taking them to the hunting lodge to eliminate Talis and the other cult member who made residence there . . .