Friday, February 20, 2015


Following the events of the "Lost Mines of Phandelver" the party broke up to pursue their own individual interests.

Mullyn - Studied and read, trying to figure out the riddle of his orb. He also sold the Spider-Staff to a rich, eccentric collector of antiquities.

Endelthil - Trained under Hollia in the ways of a rogue. Was party to a great battle of which the details are still undisclosed. Discovered a great deal of his own true past.

Nulara - Pursued leads regarding the destruction of her monastery, learning that it was a red wizard of Thay, Rath Modor, who was responsible after her shadowy monastery undertook some jobs working for one faction in the dragon cult.

Dain - To atone for his role in defiling Dumathoin's shrine and the deaths of the Rockseeker brothers, he offered himself to Dumathoin's clerics for a quest. Unexpectedly, it was told to turn a slacker dwarf, Oloril, into a mighty warrior. He did so, and together they thwarted the theft of a mighty dwarven artifact.

Fate drew all four (now five, with addition of young Oloril) adventurers south to the town of Burdusk where the party was reunited. Excitedly, they told one another of their own separate adventures (or, at least, what they wanted the rest of the party to know...) before setting off on their next great adventure together - Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

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