Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #14 - Fruitless Searches

The party revives Borngrey and interrogates him under Lucien's zone of truth. Unfortunately, the Elven supremacist offers no useful information, attempts to escape, and is killed by Dain. The next room of the keep houses nothing but nasty centipedes - and I mean nasty. In a matter of seconds they rendered poor Lucien unconscious!

After that fine episode, our heroes encounter a series of similarly nasty foes in their continued search: a large sewage dwelling-beast, ethereal banshees (the cause of Lucien's now-rotting face), and several gargoyles. All the enemies are defeated; however, no further clues to the teleportation circle are found (although Oloril does find a raven that he seems to want to keep as a pet). Will the party ever uncover the mystery of the teleportation circle? We shall see . . .
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