Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #17 – An Unexpected Alliance

And so it was that our heroes yet again entered the mysterious hunting lodge. They made their way cautiously through the unexplored areas until they happened upon a tapestry. Lucien, taking interest in the artistry, leaned into the tapestry to take a closer look. However, as he leaned forward, he fell into the tapestry and disappeared. Another magicked work of art! The others, not wanting to lose their friend, followed Lucien into the tapestry. Well, actually, Nulara stayed to fight an enchanted set of armor before deciding it best to follow suit.

After a quick reorientation and some moments to observe their surroundings more carefully, the dauntless adventures realized that they were now miles away from the lodge. At least they were still in the same plane of existence! So, wearily, with the grudge still very much alive between the two dwarves, the group drudged back toward the lodge.

For the third time now, the party arrived at the lodge. This time they explored the remaining areas only to be apprehended by cultists. The cultists took the party to their leader, Talis, who proposed a truce be made between them due to their common interests. She offered to tell them the location of the cult's treasure in exchange for the elimination of her competitor, Rezmir.

The terms seemed agreeable, even to Lucien. In fact, thanks to insightful questions asked by Oloril, the paladin had quite a good conversation with the cult leader. The two did share the common goal of restoring order and peace to the world. The means by which each hoped to achieve this goal, however, differed drastically. Still, Lucien felt more than a touch of compassion for Talis. Perhaps even she could be redeemed.

They spent that night at the lodge – guests of the cultists. In the morning they would leave for their destination, a floating castle in they sky within the town of Parnast. A castle that housed both the cult's treasure and the nefarious Rezmir.

And so it came to pass, that the party reached the town of Parnast and made their way onto the floating castle. Their identity seemed to remain hidden for they carried with them a banner from Talis. When confronted, all but Lucien spoke the phrase that was taught them - “Hail, Tiamat, our mother and our strength!” Behaving thusly, no one seemed to find their presence unusual.

After some time, the castle took off and began flying though the air towards an unknown destination. Unhindered, the party explored and finally came upon a room in which they found two wizards. Unfortunately, one of them immediately recognized Nulara! In the vicious battle that ensued, one of the wizards was felled and the other – the one who recognized Nulara - escaped by flying away through a secret door. Surely the party's presence would be given up. Certainly they were no longer safe! Worn and ragged from combat, our heroes needed to find a way to prepare what would come next . . .

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