Monday, December 7, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode IX - The Book Thief

Ah, where to begin? Well, do you remember that magical book that turned Oloril into a crocodile? As it turns out, Kaelthiros was quite intrigued by the tome. You see, Kaelthiros was resurrected upon arrival in Waterdeep. Oloril's restoration to dwarven form, however, was taking quite a bit longer. It was during this time that Kaelthiros' curiosity got the better of him. Warned by Murray that the codex may have the same negative effects on the elf as it did on Oloril, the ranger nevertheless carefully read through it's pages. Almost at once, Kaelthiros felt more agile and dexterous! Unfortunately for Oloril, Murray soon discoved that the benefits this book could only be imparted every 100 years. Well, at least dwarves have long life spans!

Now, it goes without saying that Oliril, once fully restored, was decidedly infuriated by Kaelthiros' actions. Of course, the dwarf would have likely given the book to the elf eventually; but to read through it uninvited was simply inexcusable! Attempts at reconciliation were made by our eager little reader, but it was quite some time before he was (mostly) forgiven.

During the time Oloril was distancing himself from the sticky-fingered elf, Kaelthiros relayed to Dain a most unusal dream that came to him while in the realm of the dead. The dream told of The Lost Mines of Phandelver, open and unobstructed. In fact, it was none other than the voice of Gundren that beckoned him back to the locale in this pre-resurrection vision. Something for the party to keep in mind.

Meanwhile, Oloril grew impatient to meet his father in Neverwinter. After making much ado, the dwarf convinced the party to head for Neverwinter. However, Oloril's father was not there to greet them when they arrived. The would have to wait for him to return to the city. So, whilst waiting, and after some Oloril-ordained partying, Kaelthiros inquired after any news concerning the Mines of Phandelver. He soon discovered that a gentleman by the name Yennon Thorton had purchased land near the mines. Thorton! That was the last name of Hollia - the ranger's former mentor, Zhentarim agent, and leader of the Brown Cloaks! How intriguing!

Finally, Oloril's father returned, and a grand party was held! The renowned dwarf was formally introduced to the party, and began to sing the praises of his son. It was a grand night! After the festivities began to wind down, the party made mention of the recent infiltration of Dain's home. You see, days prior, a group of ruffians, sent by Lord Diamond and Silvergleaming to kill Dain and Oloril, entered Dain's home with murder in their hearts. Furthermore, when the intrusion occured, only Dain's wife was at home. Fortunately, Dain's wife is an unmistakably terrifying combatant, and was able to immobilize and bind all five intruders. . . while she was pregnant. Be afraid!

Through some scrying directed by Oloril's father, it was quickly determined that those who sought the life of the two dwarves dwelt in a mansion located in the reagion of Iriaebor. But, what will the party do next? Destroy the threat in Iriaebor? Take vengeance upon Favrik and his camp? Or, perhaps, something more unpredictable? We shall soon see . . .

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  1. I missed all that palaver about the mines. Very interesting.