Friday, July 8, 2016

Rise of Tiamat - Episode X - Snipper Strikes

Roscoe rejoins the party and attempts to open the tower door, and succeeds. Inside, devils assail them from all around. The party defeats them, although Dain falls. The party ascends the tower.  Finally, they encounter Lord Diamond and Sorrowswallow. Oloril attempts to place Sorrowswallow in the bag of holding, but it releases psychic damage knocking all but Mullyn to the ground.

In a last great effort, the party captures Lord Diamond and takes the talkative Sorrowswallow. Once the party escapes with both, they meet Nulara and Lord Valmlor.   The cauldron is given to Lord Valmor and Nulara, as an envoy for the demon lord, makes contact with the council on their behalf.

Mullyn receives a message to go to Baldur's Gate. They are to test the town's resoluteness against the cult, and then proceed to the Misty Forrest and the report back. They also discover that Dain's soul is bound to the Underdark.

They arrive in Baldur's Gate and resurrect Dain. Lord Diamond is turned in to the authorities, and the party sets up a meeting with the Council. At the meeting, Rivatra, a known adventurer, reaffirms the town's dedication to destroying the cult. During the speech, many council members are assassinated by the infamous Snipper - who also severely injures Mullyn. Oddly, he seems to recognize Mullyn. After doing his damage, he disappears from sight . . .

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