Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rise of Tiamat - The Fighting Forces

With the decision by the Council of Waterdeep to confront the cult and marshal their combined forces, the stage is set for the final confrontation. Here are the known fighting forces for both sides as it stands now:

Alliance Forces
Cult Forces (Known)
The party
Wyrmspeakers, Cult wizards and clerics
Skyreach Castle
Draakhorn, Dragon Masks, Well of Dragons
Storm giants
Hill giants, Cyclops, Ettins, Trolls, Golems, Ogres
Arcane Brotherhood
Exiled Red Wizards of Thay and their undead
Lord Volmer’s devils
Cult Allied Devils
Water Elemental army
Fire elementals, Mephits
Metallic Dragons
Chromatic Dragons, Wyverns, Half-dragons
Remallia Haventree – Harper mages and scouts
Yugoloths (Arcanaloths, Mezzoloths, Nycaloths, Ultroloths)
Ontharr Frume – Paladins and healing clerics
Ettercaps, Giant Spiders
Delaan Winterhound – Druids, treants, lycanthropes
Lady Silverhand - Waterdeep’s Army & conscript troops
Mercenaries, Doppelgangers
Lord Neverember – Neverwitner conscript troops, mercenaries
Dragonclaws, dragonwings, dragonfangs, dragonsouls
Ambassador Brawnanvil – Dwarven soldiers and dwarf-forged armaments and siege weapons
Hobgoblin and Goblin army
Marshall Ulder Ravengard – Flaming Fist warriors and expert advisers to train conscript troops
Orc army
King Melandrach – Elven eldritch knights
Bugbear army
Taern Hornblade – Army of Silverymoon (Knights of Silver) and Silverymoon conscript troops
Gnoll army
Sir isteval – Purple Dragon Knights and War Wizards
Kobold army


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