Thursday, October 23, 2014

Session 08 Summary – 10/17/2014

Events Summary: Mullyn and Dain reunite with the others back at Cragmaw Castle after a long flight to avoid their pursuers. Once they arrive, the party gathers their strength and wits to fight the creature behind the large barred door. The owlbear that was housed inside the room is easily defeated, and the party continues their search of the castle for any trace of evidence that might indicate the direction in which Gundren had been taken. After a few fruitless encounters and no further leads, the party decides to return to Phandolin. After refreshing and restocking in town, their hope is to explore the old Cragmaw Hideout where they first encountered the goblin, Yemic; the hope being that they may find a much needed map disclosing the location of Wave Echo Cave, where they believe Gundren to now be held prisoner. Should they not find a map, they plan to pursue the Banshee Queen, Agatha, appealing to her vanity and offering her a jeweled comb in exchange for the location of Wave Echo Cave.

However, when the party does reach Phandolin, they find the entirety of the town engulfed in flames and under siege by dozens of goblins. Frantically, our brave adventurers make quick work of the fiends and quench the fires - albeit with a little help from a mysterious squad of local town defenders who disappeared as quickly as they had arrived. 

Who has survived this tragic raid, and what dark purpose lies behind the fiery assault? Only time will tell . . .

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