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Session 05 Summary – 09/19/2014

Participants: Bardu, Dain, Endelthil, Mullyn

Characters Met:

Favrik – Mysterious - and scary - member of the Dragon Cult whom the party encountered holed up in a small building within the town of Thundertree.

Reidoth – A white-bearded Druid who seems to have information concerning Wave Echo Cave and Cragmaw Castle. He resides in a small reinforced building in Thundertree. He has asked the party to rid Thundertree of the Green Dragon that rests in the nearby tower.

New and Unfinished Quests:

<Hollia> - (1) Find and kill Glasstaff. Find any correspondence in his possession [Partially Complete].
(2 - Endelthil Only) Search Thundertree for Dragon Cult activity and information, as well as any signs of a dragon.

<Sister Graele> - Get spellbook from the Banshee Queen, Agatha. It is recommended that the party appeal to her vanity by presenting her with a jeweled silver comb.

<Sildar> - Find Gundren Rockseeker

<Elmar Barthen> - Find the Rockseeker brothers and the entrance to Wave Echo Cave.

<Lenine> - (1) Investigate the Redbrand gang at the Sleeping Giant Tavern
(2) Recover Lion Shield Coster rations from the goblin hideout in which Sildar was found.

<Quelline Alderleaf> - Find the Druid, Reidoth in Thundertree [Complete].

<Murna Dendrar> - Acquire the emerald Necklace from the Herb and Alchemy Shop in Thundertree. It is the party's reward for rescuing her [Complete].

<Daran Edermath> - Explore Old Owlwell to the NE. Daran indicates that there is a Watchtower there. The party is to protect any miners there from any undead or orcs that may be wandering about.

Events Summary:  What an interesting adventure our band of heroes had this time! A mysterious cult, a green dragon, and a profoundly enchanted – or perhaps deeply cursed - party member! But we get ahead of ourselves. I suppose we should start back in Neverwinter. You see, the party found its way back to Neverwinter simply to resupply and recoup before pursing leads in Thundertree. They could not have foreseen what lie ahead of them.

Their first hours there were uneventful. Bardu sought the town temple, Mullyn reported to the sage who had been working on translating his cryptic symbols, Dain found luxurious housing to rest for the night, and Endelthil purchased some new gear. Where was Thorin you ask? Well, no on can say for sure as he went missing for some days, but it is suspected that he sought out the cantankerous lady-dwarf Grista back in Phandalin – we all saw the twinkle in his eye!

Anyway, the intrigue began when Mullyn decided to cast a detect magic spell on a silver longsword that the party had acquired on their previous adventure. Oh yes, the sword was indeed enchanted and useful for Dain in battle, but this was not an unexpected discovery. What startled Mullyn (and quite deeply at that) was the realization that his comrade, Endelthil, was also enchanted – deeply and profoundly so! Was it a domination spell? Necromancy? Surely it was not a Wish spell!? Whatever permeated the elf's being was indeed powerful magic. Poor Mullyn – in shock and a bit of terror – found the nearest intoxicating beverage and promptly drank himself to sleep.

Endelthil, meanwhile, retreated to his own room in Neverwinter's inn to ponder this new discovery about himself. What was he? Who or what did this to him? But, before much consideration could be given to this, he noticed a note on the floor of his room – marked by a gold coin of the Zhentarim! Following the note's instruction, the elf took a midnight stroll to a specified location, only to be startled by a shadowy member of the Zhentarim. The mysterious rogue directed Endelthil to find what he could of an enigmatic Dragon Cult and any trace of dragon activity when he arrived in Thundertree. What? What is this cult? What was our elven friend supposed to do if he encountered any of this? Before these questions could be asked, the stealthy informant vanished as quickly as he had appeared. With so much to take in, Endelthil returned to his room to meditate until morning.

Finally, morning came, and the party set out for Thundertree. The first day of their journey remained decidedly uneventful. Although, I must say, Mullyn did seem a bit jittery and, with a cautious eye, kept his distance from Endelthil. The night quickly arrived and they set up camp as was their custom, and took shifts to keep watch. On Bardu's shift, he noticed a faint moaning and woke his comrades. Even with a magically lighted arrow fired by Endelthil into the darkness, the source of the sound remained undiscovered. Though wary, they remained safe into morning and then continued towards Thundertree.

And so our heroes reached Thundertree, greeting by wooden signs posting warnings of plant monsters and zombies. Peculiar, but not altogether unexpected. Reidoth was supposed to be here in this town. But where? The party searched many empty buildings in the eerily silent town only to be greeted by the Ash Zombie's inside – which were quite easily dispatched. What? What are Ash Zombies, you say? Well, I suppose Mullyn and Dain would know this best, for they were the ones infected by them. You see, these creatures emit a nasty black ash that, when inhaled, causes the victim to exhibit zombie-like symptoms. Gray skin, twitching, vomiting – nasty business! Yes, thankfully Mullyn and Dain were healed of this affliction by Raidoth, be we will get to that.

First, however, our little party encountered an occupied, but well-locked, dwelling. Curious that someone would choose to hole up in a zombie-infested place like this, isn't it? Well that is what the party thought, too; and it was only after much coercion and some persuading by Bardu that one of the occupants finally relented and opened the door. And who was behind that door? None other than members of the Dragon Cult! Favrik, the leader, stated they do not wish to harm anyone. They only wish to speak with the Green Dragon in Thundertee's nearby tower. Generously – or perhaps deviously – the Cult offered to help the party address the dragon. However, the party kindly refused, gently insisting that they must first find their friend, Reidoth.

What was the party to do? There was a Green Dragon in a tower only meters away! Was the Dragon Cult to be trusted or killed? For that matter, what was the nature of the dragon? Endelthil seemed to think that a riddle he received many nights ago during his meditation spoke of this green dragon – but he could not make sense of it. At a loss, he suggested that Bardu used his Scroll of Augury to see what might happen if they addressed the dragon alone – but the Cleric foresaw only their woe. Frustrated, they searched the remainder of the area finding the green emerald mentioned by Murna. A small joy amidst a dire situation.

This joy, of course, was soon cut short as Mullyn and Dain began manifesting signs of having been infected by the Ash Zombies - gray skin, bulging eyes. I told you it was nasty business! Bardu did what he could, but his magic only seemed to stabilize their current condition. They were running out of options. However, there was one building left to explore. With anticipation the party knocked on its door. A white-beard man greeted them kindly and introduced himself as Reidoth. Finally! They had found the one they were looking for!

Reidoth welcomed them in, and the party shared with him their need to find their friend, Gundren, in Cragmaw Castle. The Druid handed Dain and Mullyn some (barely) edible healing substance to cure them of the zombie sickness. Then, he calmly explained that he had information about both Cragmaw Castle and Wave Echo Cave. He generously provided the needed directions to Cragmaw Castle; but before he would point them to Wave Echo Cave, he would ask that the party get rid of, or preferably kill, the nearby dragon.

So many questions lingered. How should they confront the dragon? Should they include the Dragon Cult in their effort? Should they even bother with the dragon now? Who could be trusted? What meaning was to be found in Endelthil's riddle - if any? They were too tired to make a well-informed decision, and gladly accepted the offer to spend a restful night in Reidoth's abode. For tomorrow, they knew, may not be so restful.  

Notable Items Acquired:  Emerald Necklace (200 gp)

XP Acquired Per Party Member: 138 XP

Information Learned:
  1. Reidoth has information about the location of both Wave Echo Cave and Cragmaw Castle.
  1. The Dragon Cult, which worships undead dragons, wants to speak with the green dragon in Thundertree Tower.
  1. The ash dispelled by Ash Zombies will make the one who comes in contact with it digress into a zombie-like state. Reidoth has a cure for this. The party should stock up on this.
  1. Hollia is away investigating some of the nearby miners. She should return in a few days.
  2. Endelthil is a freak!

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