Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #7 - Blending In

The group continues their journey. Mullyn encounters a golden dragon, receives a gift, and is warned that not all members of their group will survive the present quest. Oloril is assaulted by two deceptive women. Sadly, as word of this gets out, he is removed from his hired position in the caravan.

Meanwhile, Lucien catches hints that one of the members of his cart (a halfling named Revan) may have Nulara's statue and gems. Unfortunately, Revan sneaks away before the items could be repossesed.

Strangely, one of the cultists seems to be eyeing up Mullyn. So, in an effort to protect himself, the gnome magically alters his appearance to that of the now-missing Revan. All seems to go well until the the caravan arrives in the next town. Oloril, discovering that a handful of "nobles" has rented the entire inn - leaving all others out in the rain - initiates a fight with them. Mullyn, disguised as Revan, stays out of the fight to avoid unwanted attention. Near him, Lucien stands guard and heals his friends as needed. With all the "nobles" defeated, the party quickly discovers that they were nothing more than assassins sent to kill Dain and Oloril! If news of this reaches the caravan, trouble will surely follow . . .

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