Friday, March 20, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #5 - Fresh Blood

The last time we left our party, they had saved the Baron's wife from Silvergleaming who, unfortunately, managed to escape the party's grasp. Though they had much to celebrate, all did not end happily. You see, Endelthil had made a public confession concerning his past misdeeds to the rest of the group. This disclosure was not well received. So much so that the elf was voted out of the party. Despite this, in a last effort of good faith, the elf relinquished  possession of his journals to Dain in hopes that one day the dwarf - and the rest - would truly understand.

And thus the party, sans Endelthil, began to pursue the quest given to them by Leosin. Their goal was to track the Dragon Cult's activity near Baldur's Gate, and make frequent reports concerning their findings. With Endelthil gone, however, Ontharr was quick to note the party's absence of healing ability. His recommendation was to locate Lucien Highwinter, a paladin, who could be found at the Temple of Lathander within Baldur's Gate.

Upon reaching Baldur's Gate, the party sought out Lucien and and requested that he join them on their mission. He agreed to help, but also informed them that Bardu had been seeking them out - Nulara in particular. For it was she who held the object of his quest. Bardu entreated Nulara to give him Lightbringer, a long lost ecclesiastical relic with which she fought, in exchange for gold and a magical sword. Wisely, she agreed.

During their time waiting for signs of the Dragon Cult, the party became keenly aware of two things. The first - that Dain and Oloril were being actively tracked down for the bounty on their head - a bounty put into place by a man named Lord Diamond. Second - that a man with a scarred face sought them out.

Wanting to make the best of the situation, the party prepared for any impending attack that might be made against them while at the inn. And an attack did come. The party was assaulted by none other than a scar-faced Glasstaff! A nemesis long thought to be dead. Along with him, several bandits engaged the party in combat.The battle raged and, in the end, Glasstaff fell - but so did Mullyn. The gnome was dead. Upon this realization, Lucien grabbed his fallen comrade and rushed him to the Temple of Lathander for resurrection. Thankfully, this was able to be accomplished without much ado.

Now able to refocus on their task, the adventurers caught their first glimpse of the Dragon Colt as a caravan approached the bustling city . . .

Oh yeah, Glasstaff escaped the City Guard to which he had been delivered. So now, Glasstaff, Silvergleaming, and the bounty hunters continue to elude the party's reach.

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