Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen #19 - Battle Aboard a Flying (Falling) Castle

After following the ogres to Blathgokus, the party discovers that the giant is aware that they've "stolen" from the treasure hoard and demands the return of all of the items they took. The party returns the items they took. The giant then invites them to dinner and engages them in conversation. The party begins to twist the giant's thoughts - isn't the cult manipulating and using you? The giant resolves to discuss the matter with Rezmir, asking the party to remain behind.

Following the daunting battle with an adult red dragon and the wave after wave of kobolds, ogres, and cultitsts, the party takes a much needed rest... but why did the cult allow them to take a rest? Could it be that the cult's forces are decimated?

No, kobolds scouts continually keep tabs on the party. But on Oloril's watch, something much bigger than kobolds comes to the party. Two ogres with plumed helmets, summon the party to meet the cloud giant, Blathgokus, who controls Skyreach Castle.

After hours of waiting, Blathgokus still hasn't returned. Then suddenly  The party and the giant's honor guard venturing out to find the giant. Opening up the tower doors, the party discovers that the courtyard at night is covered in pea-soup fog as a massive storm swirls around the castle. Venturing forward, the voice of Rezmir taunts them over the howl of the wind.

The ogres charge forward to attack in fury but the party hangs back, staying in tight formation. Oddly, the ogres return one at a time, and attack the party as if in a trance. The party holds their ground until two vampire spawn and a vampire attack, grappling Nulara, Lucien, and Kaelthiros and dragging them into the mist screaming.

Before Oloril, Mullyn, and Dain can rush to the aid of their friends Rezmir and two stone golems attack. Mullyn is quickly downed and Oloril soon follows. All looks lost for the party until lightning streaks down and strikes all on the battlefield. Is Have the gods answered Lucien's prayers?

Well... perhaps. But not as Lucien had hoped. Lucien has found his way to the control tower after driving off the vampire and has convinced the spirit of the castle to fight on their side! Using the temporary advantage, Dain delivers a death blow to Rezmir and the stone golems cease their attack.

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