Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #21 – Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

While Oloril recovered from his wounds, Dain and Kaelthiros engaged in a heart-to-heart conversation about the elf returning to the party. The fighter could see the sincerity of his comrade and, noting his recent good deeds, welcomed him back with arms open. Soon thereafter, Oloril awakened.

The three immediately then began their search for Lucien, who was nowhere to be found. It was several hours before they located him, but see him they did. The reverse was not the case, however, for Lucien, though alive, was now blind! The paladin had been blinded by Lathander for his deceitfulness in playing along with the ruse to enter the cult's castle. He explained to his friends that he had been tasked with returning Bardu and his fallen allies to a temple of Lathander. Upon completion of this, his sight would be restored to him. In the meantime though, he must walk by faith - not sight. Well, maybe hobble by faith. He has only one leg after all.

But Lathander was not the only one communicating with Lucien. The spirit of Blathgokis's wife had also been conversing with the paladin. What she wished, he told the party, was for them to wipe out the cultists at Parnast to exact revenge for the death of her husband.

The party agreed that they would do this, and then assist Lucien in getting their dead to the temple. So, with permission from the spirit-wife of the cloud giant, the group sifted through the treasure in the treasure room to see what useful things they might find to aid them in their quest.

It was in this room that they encountered a peculiar creature named Murry. The castle's curious infiltrator introduced himself as an Air Genasi Sorcerer who sought revenge upon the cultists. And so, after brief discussion, Murry aligned himself with our heroes to set out on their new quest . . .

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