Friday, September 12, 2014

Endelthil's Backstory

Day 1, Year Unknown, First Journal Entry

I have just experienced the most disturbing development of my life. Or, at least I can only assume that it is, as I cannot remember anything prior to the uncanny events of this past night – save for my own name. My first memory is regaining consciousness in this particular wooded area only some short hours ago. The chilling raindrops which struck my face, and the thunder echoing across the night sky roused me from my senseless state. Soaked and confused, I remember struggling to my feet and shaking my head to regain any recollection of my past – but nothing came.

And here I sit, on the verge of dawn, with only the faintest of clues as to my past life, and absolutely no hint of why I find myself here. My past is all but lost, and my future is yet unknown to me. But I will not dwell on this presently, as only frustration will follow.

Fortunately, the belongings that I - by all appearances - had carried with me are proving useful. My bow and a full quiver of arrows are at my disposal. To my satisfaction I find myself able to strike my mark with precision and ease – a small happiness amidst my distress. Beyond this, in my backpack, I found some basic supplies, rations, woodcarving tools, and other necessities. However, the most interesting item I found within it's confines was a folded letter addressed to me:


My dearest friend, no words can describe my thanks for what you have done. You left your comfort all those years ago to come to our common village. You taught us, trained us, protected us, and befriended us. We are forever in your debt for all that you have bestowed upon our community. You are a hero among the common and the downtrodden.
Now, we know that you must go. Take these woodcarving tools we made for you so that you may never forget us. Fashion your arrows as you fashion you your destiny. I have no doubt that this destiny that beckons you in your dreams and floods your hours of meditation will become the most acute reality for you. I wish you well, my brother.

Peace and Hope,

So many questions. What common village? Who is Wendell? What destiny calls to me in my hours of meditation? Meditation. Rest. That is what I need. I will write later.

Day 1, Year Unknown, Second Journal Entry

An exciting turn of events! During my hours of meditation, a mysterious riddle was revealed to me:

The Forgotten quivers
Avaricious ascendant

deny home’s hearth
for brumal desolation,
dare measure
a raven heart,
swallow celadon wind
that abducts breath,
hold steel resolve
against an azure tempest,
forge fortune and
oppose greed’s blushing furnace

Dread sovereign
The Realms travail

The words came so clearly, yet its meaning remains largely unknown to me. Despite this, I am confident that I must pursue this destiny, and that I have a significant role to play it its unfolding. I venture out this morning – into realms unknown!

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