Monday, September 1, 2014

Session 01 Summary – 08/11/2014

Participants: Bardu, Dain, Endelthil, Farhuk,Thorin

Characters Met:

Beranas – Sage in Neverwinter
Gundren Rockseeker – Old friend living in Neverwinter who sends the party on their first quest.
Sildar Hallwinter – Friend and traveling companion of Gundren.
Yemic – Self appointed leader of a Goblin cave in which Sildar was recovered. Simple-minded and unstable.
Black Widow” – A name given by Yemic as the one to whom the former leader of their lair reported.

Quests Taken: <Gundren Rockseeker> - Deliver wagon safely to Barton's Provisions in Phandolin. Gundren and Sildar will go on ahead and meet them there.

Events Summary: The party travels towards their objective only to discover that the horses of Gundren and Sildar lay bloodied on the path before them. Goblins ambush the party and are quickly dispatched. No sign of Gundren or Sildar is evident, but the party follows tracks that may have been left by goblins dragging the bodies of Gundren and Sildar.

Thinking the missing pair to likely be alive, the party discovers and fights its way into a goblin lair. After goblins were burned (and thrown), wolves slashed, bugbears decapitated, and Thain bludgeoned nigh unto death, the party reaches the final room of the lair. Here, they find a goblin horde and Sildar reeling on the edge of death. He is being held captive by a goblin named Yemic, who is somewhat thankful to the party for killing his bugbear superior, leaving him as the new leader. In his “generousity”, Yemic offers to release Sildar to the party in exchange for 10 gp. Farhuk offers the simple-mind creature 90 sp – which is eagerly accepted.

The party exits the cave and does its best to revive Sildar. While somewhat disoriented, Sildar reveals that Gundren may have been taken to a place called Cragmaw Castle.

Treasure Acquired:  2 Healing Potions, Jade Statue (40gp)

XP Acquired Per Party Member: 350 XP

Information Learned:

  1. Goblins with sharpened teeth are of the Cragmaw Clan
  2. The blue lion symbol is that of the Lion Shield Coster
  3. Yemic's group answered to one named the “Black Spider”
  4. Gundren may be in a place called Cragmaw Castle

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