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Session 04 Summary – 09/12/2014

Participants: Bardu, Endelthil, Thorin

Characters Met:

Quelline Alderleaf – A kind and hospitable halfling lady who lives on a farm at the edge of Phandalin. She is very generous towards the party, but not well informed. She has a portly young son named Carp, who eagerly awaits the day when Endelthil will shoot an apple off his head. Poor Carp.

Daran Edermath – A eccentric old man who lives in a house on the orchards of Phandalin. He claims to have been quite the adventurer in his heyday. In fact, he has suggested there may be adventure to be had by the party in Old Owlwell to the Northeast.

Murna Dendrar – Thell's wife. Rescued by the party from the Redbrand prison. She has spoken of an emerald necklace in Thundertree that is free for the party to take as their reward for rescuing her.

Reideth– A mysterious Druid that is rumored to be in Thundertree, which lies to the North and West of Phandalin and along the river that runs East of Neverwinter.

New and Unfinished Quests:

<Hollia> - Find and kill Glasstaff. Find any correspondence in his possession [Partially Complete].

<Sister Graele> - Get spellbook from the Banshee Queen, Agatha. It is recommended that the party appeal to her vanity by presenting her with a jeweled silver comb.

<Sildar> - Find Gundren Rockseeker

<Elmar Barthen> - Find the Rockseeker brothers and the entrance to Wave Echo Cave.

<Lenine> - (1) Investigate the Redbrand gang at the Sleeping Giant Tavern
                  (2) Recover Lion Shield Coster rations from the goblin hideout in which Sildar was found.

<Quelline Alderleaf> - Find the Druid, Reideth in Thundertree.

<Murna Dendrar> - Acquire the emerald Necklace from the Herb and Alchemy Shop in Thundertree. It is the party's reward for rescuing her.

<Daran Edermath> - Explore Old Owlwell to the NE. Daran indicates that there is a Watchtower there. The party is to protect any miners there from any undead or orcs that may be wandering about.

Events Summary: The party awakens to greet a beautiful morning, having spent a restful night in the home of the hospitable halfling, Quelline Alderleaf. During their breakfast, the halfling tells the party of a Druid in Thundertree, but seems to know little else. After discussing the best course of action, the party thinks it best that Dain and Mullyn gather more information from the townsfolk, while Bardu, Endelthil, and Thorin return to the Redbrand hideout to find any sign or Thell Dendrar's family.

The trio combs the hideout for anything that they may have missed during their former venture, finding some goods to sell, some “invisibility potions”, and an intriguing dwarven journal detailing relics and quests of ages past. Along their search, Endelthil makes a stop above the chasm to investigate. Although he sees nothing, he hears a voice call to him in his mind – taunting him with hints of his past. No one else hears it, and the group determines it best to continue their search for Thell's family.

Finally, in the last unexplored room of the hideout, they locate Thell's family, trapped behind iron bars. Thorin attempts to bash the door down with a mighty charge, but to no avail. Endelthil then tries to pick the lock, but with no success. The key is nowhere to be found, and it seems as if the party may need to return to town for assistance in freeing the Dendrar family.

Endelthil decides he will leave for help, while the other two remain. However, before he leaves, he decides to imbibe one of the newfound “invisibility” potions previously identified by Bardu. Unfortunately, the instant he drinks it, the contents begin to tear at his insides. Apparently it was acid – ouch. Thankfully, after a bit of healing, the elf recovers and the party uses some of the remaining acid to melt the lock and free Murna Dendrar and her children.

The three escort the family back to Phandalin; but before returning to her home, Murna informs them that there is an emerald necklace to be had at the alchemy shop in Thundertree as their reward – should they be able to recover it. Murna is thanked for the information and the adventurers quickly report to Sildar that the Dendrar's are now safely home. Sildar thanks them, but unexpectedly takes Thorin aside in a private conversation for a considerable time. Hmmm. After the conversation, Thorin, Bardu and Endelthil hear from Dain and Mullyn about an old man at the orchard who may have more information.

At the suggestion of their friends, the three converse with the old man, Daran Edermath, and learn that some adventuring may be had in Old Owlwell, to the Northeast. Though the information is intriguing, the old self-acclaimed adventurer seems a bit forgetful and uncertain of things.

After some rest and quick discussion, the three think it wise to deal first with whatever lies at the bottom of the chasm underneath the Redbrand hideout - before venturing too far from the town. Should the beast that lies there attack Phandalin while they were away, they would not be able to bear the guilt.

Confidently, the three stride to the chasm. This time, however, Endelthil hears nothing reaching out to his mind. In fact, it is only Bardu that can hear the voice this time. The party feels an evil presence assault them from the depths, and they promptly decide to pursue whatever lies beneath. Thorin and Bardu descend in to the chasm while Endelthil readies a shot from above. After, minutes of searching and evil energy assailing them, Thorin finds the wicked creature behind a rock. A vicious fight ensues in a flurry of steel and magical energy. However, the conflict is ended quickly as an arrow from Endelthil's bow travels through the creature's single eye and through the back of its head.

Relieved, the valiant heroes search the lair, finding some loot and a distinctive silver longsword. Curious, Endelthil searches the foul place for any sign of the unfortunate Redbrand Lieutenant, Frank. Surprisingly, there is no sign of him - or his remains. Perhaps he is still alive? Exhausted, the three return to Phandalin triumphant and find a comfortable night's rest in the home of Quelline.

A new morning beckons them yet again. But, before joining up with Dain and Mullyn, they choose to investigate the Sleeping Giant Inn to ensure that all of the Redbrands have been successfully dealt with. The bartender, Grista, displeased at her present lack of business, informs the party that she has no information to offer them. After failed attempts at bribing the dwarven bartender, the party leaves the inn. Endethil then suggests that, at some point, they ought to sneak in to ensure that Grista is not witholding anything from them. But, the question for the present time is what lead to pursue next.

Notable Items Acquired: “Invisibility” Potion (aka Acid) x9, Alchemical Supplies, Dwarven Journal of Irman, Shortsword x4, Studded Leather Armor x4, Malachite Gems x5 (25 gp each), Healing Potion x2, Scroll of Augery, Talon (Silver Longsword), 120 gp, 180sp

XP Acquired Per Party Member: 183 XP

Information Learned:
  1. A Druid named Reideth, in Thundertree, may be the party's next link to finding Gundren. Thundertree is said to be infested by zombies.
  2. The Dwarven Journal of Irman, found in the Redbrand's hideout, speaks of a renowned magical mace named Lightbringer, which is said to be lost in Wave Echo Cave.
  3. The silver longsword found in the lair of the nothic is named Talon; this is the legendary sword of Aldith Tresendar, the Black Hawk. It deserves a closer look.
  4. Hollia is away investigating some of the nearby miners. She should return in a few days.

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