Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #3

After uncovering the the cavern's mysteries and treasures, the adventurers made their way back to Greenest to share their discoveries to Governor Nighthill and their new monk-friend, Leosin. The governor was there to greet and thank them when they returned.  Grateful and visibly encouraged, Governor Nighthill reported that Leosin had made the trek to Eltorel and awaited their arrival at a place called the Pair of Black Antlers Inn. 

Stopping through the city of Scornubel to resupply, our heroes made their way to the Eltorel inn and were warmly greeted by a man named Ontharr. He assured the travelers that they would reconnect with Leosin soon, but for now they would have a contest of epic story telling. It was *the party (that is to say, "Mullyn") who won this contest with his baritone-filled Ballad of Fireball Hall. Though the rest of the party shared their escapades, none of them could match the gnome in presentation or tone.

The next morning Ontharr announced that a new contest was to commence. Paired with one other companion, each of our heroes set out on a challenge to hunt and capture the most dangerous game. Endelthil, paired with Mullyn, made quick work of a large vicious boar. Nulara and her partner (though unwittingly attacking a dangerous, yet merciful, Couatl) returned from their hunt with a stealthy panther in tow. Oloril and company bested a large cave bat, while a pair unknown to the group brought in a large bear. Through a cast of votes by all, the large boar was determined to be the most dangerous game. 

As a reward for their efforts Mullyn and Endelthil received a single large 18-tined antler crown. Though not stylish or magical, it was evidently useful for getting free room and board at any Order of the Gauntlet inn by simply relinquishing one of its tines to the innkeeper. 

* see definition (1) below for proper understanding of this term. Not to be confused with the outdated meaning (2). 

party - (1) lower-case proper noun - The wizard-gnome known as Mullyn. 

party - (2) noun (archaic usage) - a group of persons with common purposes or opinions.

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