Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #4 - The Desolation of Agoshyrvor

After the inspiring hunt, the group returned with Ontharr to the inn for more contests. There was a contest of wit through riddles as well as a contest of strategic thinking through a friendly game of Three-Dragon Ante. It was Endelthil who emerged victorious in both. Though glad to have won useful rewards, the elf grew curious as to Ontharr's seemingly insatiable appetite for putting the group through such ordeals. 

The next day the group was to face one of their greatest challenges to date. They set off with Ontharr in search of the missing hunting party. All seemed to be going relatively well until the party tracked the missing hunters' footprints to the mouth of a cave hidden behind a waterfall. They noticed the spatter of blood on the ground next to a tree to which the hunters' horses had seemingly been tied. Whatever killed the horses was no doubt large and formidable. Cautiously, our tenacious heroes entered the cave in hopes the hunters may still be alive inside. Though trying to be stealthy in hope of surprising whatever foe may await them, it was they themselves who were caught off guard - by a green dragon!

The dragon, named Agoshyrvor, offered them the release of the missing hunters in exchange for the killing of the Couatl. With understanding glances given to each other, knowing that it would be a great evil to perform such a heinous act, the group launched a spontaneous attack against their Draconic foe. The battle raged. Oloril took point, swinging away with his axe - though with unfortunate lack of success. Nulara focused her energies on provoking the enemy and evading its attacks, furiously jabbing and punching. Endelthil stood firing arrow after arrow into the dragon's leathery form. Ronthar, all the while healed and revived the party as needed to sustain them in their noble conflict. In the end though, it was Oloril who stepped forward, furiously swung his axe, and in one mighty blow, cleaved the dragon's head from its serpentine neck. The mighty Smaug was dead. For real.

The party quickly recouped with the aid of Ontharr and began to sort through the dragon's hoard. Oloril took a magic knife, Endelthil took some Bracers of Archery (much needed. He was such a weak shot before!), and a scepter was taken for Mullyn. And yes, there was also soooo much gold!

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