Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen #12 - Who Saves the Calvary?

Having endured the first defensive way in the swamp castle, the party decides to press forward with its assault despite being beat up and low on magical resources. Snapjaw, their lizardfolk ally, quickly enlists the aide of over 20 lizardfolk allies while Oloril decides to throw open random doors (finding a shrine to Tiamat). Snapjaw quickly leads the party through the outer ward and into the great hall where the party finds a small portion of the looted treasure they were seeking after.

Snapjaw continues to guide the party to stairs leading down into the catacombs below. Without resistance, the party finds a teleportation circle in a dead end corridor. Signs seem to indicate that the treasure the party has been tracking was brought to this location and then teleported away... however, the party is unable to operate the teleportation circle.

The party decided to continue investigating the underground caverns in hopes of finding a way to activate the portal. They entered a large cavern with an underground lake when suddenly they heard frogs croaking loudly and gigantic splashes as creatures jumped into the water in the dark. The giant frogs were the first wave of the assault upon the party, quickly eating some of the party's lizardfolk allies. Next, dozens of bullywugs surged forward, pushing the party back. When the bullywug leader and shaman, Parbalax Splatergoo, strode confidently, walking across the surface of the lake, and began hurling spells at the party, the group was at its breaking point.

Fortunately, Nulara charged to the rescue, teleporting through the darkness and dragging Parbalax down into the depths of the underground lake. When Nulara bobbed back to the surface, she was dragging Parbalax's corpse behind her.

The party stood victorious, but the victory cost the lives of most of their lizardfolk allies.

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  1. Well, while I am incredibly sad to see Endelthil meet his end, I must say I enjoyed his character immensely. His story was a rich one with a moving ending. Now let's see, at what level can Lucien resurrect him from a puddle of goo . . . :-)