Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #11 - The Siege

The party's new ally, Snapjaw, lead the party in canoes through the swamp to the cult's castle. Suddenly, a massive black dragon surged up from the depths, demanding from the party that they tell him where he can find the elf that stole from him. Knowing exactly of whom he was speaking (Endilthil), the party honestly admitted that they had parted ways with Endilthil some time ago. The black dragon, having a name for the elf that dared to take from his treasure hoard, left the party alive.

The crocodiles that awaited the party, however, were not so friendly. They ambushed the party, grappling and dragging several members into the water in a frenzied battle. The party's newest ally, Snapjaw, was nearly fatally wounded but luckily survived. The party was victorious and soon arrived at dry land near the castle, hearing drumming coming from the castle.

Only the castle was completely in ruins. Nevertheless, Snapjaw went about recruiting lizardfolk from the nearby longhouses. The party, thinking that Snapjaw may have overstated the castle's importance, was still true to its word in assisting Snapjaw and the lizardfolk in eradicating a few scores of bullywugs from the bullywug huts. This eradication involved *the party* launching a fireball at the bullywugs.

Immediately after wiping out the bullywugs, Mullyn looked at the castle with True Sight. Indeed, the ruined castle was but an illusion and a fully functional castle was truly there. The party charged, quickly taking down the guards at the gate with another fireball.

Both fireballs alerted the inhabitants of the castle to the party's assault. Much to the party's despair, wave after wave of bullywugs, cultists, and ambush drakes streamed into the causeway. The party was able to fend off this repelling force but it severely reduced the party's resources in the process.

Battered and beaten, the party stood victorious but with a crucial decision: Press on and catch the enemy while they are still unorganized or fall back to rest and heal?

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