Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Episode #10 - An Unlikely Ally

The party  pursues their objective  through the marshy land, and decides to rest for the night on the only bit of raised and dry land in sight. As could be expected, due to its conspicuous nature, their little makeshift camp is invaded by a group of lizardmen not long after nightfall. These invaders are dealt with quickly. One of them, by the name of Snapjaw, is restrained and interrogated.

It is during this interrogation that the party discovers that Snapjaw knows the treasure of the cultists to be hidden in a large nearby castle. The surprisingly cooperative captive offers to lead them to this castle if the party is willing to eliminate any of the evil frog-like creatures they may likely encounter there. The accord seemed quite agreeable to our heroes as they had no other lead to follow. Well, that and the fact that Mullyn had just obliterated a mass of these devious little froglings during the interrogation meant that they were already well on their way to fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Will the party find their new companion to be a valuable asset or a perilous liability? And let's not forget - where, oh where, is Endelthil?

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