Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode V - Dwarven Bachelor Party

The golems were fixed and some new spells purchased, so what time was it? Time for the Dwarven bachelor party of course! So much to say about that - or rather so much better left unsaid. Thankfully, the first rule of DBP is that you do not talk about DBP. So moving on . .

Dain's wedding was amazing - an appearance by the king of Mithril Hall, an incredibly powerful lightning javelin gifted by Oloril's father, and - oh yes - acid in all the drinks! The culprit (hired by Lord Diamond) was soon found, hung upside down as nothing more than a pinata, and promptly beat to death as a wedding game. *shrugs* Dwarven weddings, what can you really say?

The wedding festivities done, more trouble arises. A hired mercenary has killed two fellow soldiers on Castelino! Although he accused them of stealing his money, the dead pair was not at fault. The money was found in another soldier's room - who of course denied taking it. And so the plot thickens . . yet again. Now, to find the Black Dragon . . . or be found by him . . .

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