Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode VI - Voaraghamanthar's Demise

After arriving at the Roadhouse, our heroes find their former acquaintence, Boglock. He was at first quite reluctant to divulge any information; however, after some "mild persuasion" he readily declared what he knew of the cults plans. They were headed to the North under the leadership of none other than Favrik! Now, as Baglock was discovered to be in cahoots with the cultists, he was taken to Castelino for a public execution. Such is the fate of any who betray our heroes!

The old Bollywug fortress was their next target. The Farseer needed to be retrieved and taken to Mullyn in Candlekeep. Upon arrival, the Farseeer was immediately located. Of course, whilst working on its retrieval, our group suffered several taunting attacks from the black dragon, Voaraghamanthar.

Much loss was suffered, but finally our adventurers were able to engage the dark menace in direct combat. The much-dreaded moment was upon them. Voaraghamanthar had come to recover Sunder - and to end the life of the one who stole it! Thankfully, things did not go nearly as poorly as they could have. Before you could say "Voaraghamanthar," (trust me, it takes a while to say - especially for certain DM's) the foul beast was dead. His corpse lie lifeless, pierced by arrows, full of gashes, and shredded by his own Sunder.

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