Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Aftermath - Episode VII - How The Mighty Have Fallen

A great victory must also be followed by a great undoing. Or, so it seems. You see, the party decided to go and search V's lair to see what loot may have been left behind. When they arrived there, they parked the castle about a quarter of a mile out from the lair's entrance. The marshy ground below was covered in a thick fog.  No problem, Kaelthiros thought, Dain and I can scout ahead moving stealthily through the dense haze. After all, I am a master of stealth. What an idea! An awful idea! The grinch elf got a wonderful, AWFUL idea!

Well, so the tragedy began to unfold. There, Dain and Kaelthiros crept, moving towards the mouth of the former dragon's lair. And then it happened. No more than 400 yards ahead of the party, the pair - isolated from any assistance - encountered several lizard men. Oh yes, some of which were shaman that could summon several crocodiles at a time. And let's not forget the two giant lizard creatures and the big black lizard man! Needless to say, the were very quickly outnumbered.

Their screams were unheard by their distant companions - and there was no way to win the battle against such a great horde. At that moment, Kaelthiros knew he could run. He alone could make it back to the party. There was no hope for Dain. But, what happened then? Well, in the Mere of Dead men they say, the Wood Elf's small heart grew three sizes that day. The ranger ran towards the combat - knowing it would be his demise. He would not allow Dain to die alone.

Furiously, and frantically, he fought, firing arrows into the flesh of the foes that surrounded Dain. But, it was to no avail. For only moments later, Kaelthiros would fall to the ground - the life slipping from his body. It was then that he remembered Mullyn's recent telepathic message: "Kaelthiros, before death descends on you, let our companions know that the restored Farseer may be delivered to me in Candlekeep. Goodbye, my friend." With that last fleeting thought, death made it's final descent. Kaelthiros was dead.

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